Revenge 2×01: Destiny

Revenge 2×01: Destiny

Get your cocktaildress ready people, it’s time for another summer in the Hamptons! PS: how are your survival skills?

1. What just happened?!
A plane with our favorite ice queen on it exploded, her daughter popped too many pills and we (the viewers) are wondering who didn’t survive. Well sorry to spill the beans, but everyone is alive and well (or sort of). This season we are trying to find out what the cause is of Amanda being on the bottom of the ocean (the boat, not Faux-manda – although there was a body there too). But before that happens we have a lot of parties to attend, conspiracies to research and missions to complete. Welcome back, Revenge!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Nolan: “Great. Seance, anyone?” I had to laugh a little when he said that. It was seriously creepy out there but somehow he was able to end the scene on a light note. It’s good to know that Revenge can be funny from time to time.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Victoria is alive. Revenge cannot be on the air without Madeleine Stowe kicking ass. I also really want to know why she is working with the white-haired man again.
+ Declan may be bitter, but I liked that he pointed out to Jack that he is acting rediculous and that Jack should get a life (preferably without Faux-manda).
+ Nolan and Emily continuing to work together. Their scenes together are one of the highlights of the show (love their snarky comments).
+ Emily in her red dress: stunning! No wonder that Daniel wandered of to the moment he proposed.
– Talking about Daniel and relationships: Daniel sleeping with Ashley. Seriously… Conrad’s “Is she now?” as a respond to the not cheating argument said it all. Curious what is going to happen when Conrad points out to Daniel that Ashley only follows the money. And is it still a secret that she posted Daniel’s bloody beach photos online? I kind of forgot.
– Ashley walking around the house with her mini-me minion. Ashley, wake up! You are still a Grayson’s minion. Your supposedly boyfriend doesn’t even want to come to bed with you so that he can stare at the house of his ex-fiancee. That should set off a tiny alarm or not? My only advice: get out while you still can, girl.
– Why is Declan saving for college? Nolan is paying everything right, or was that just private (high) school?
– Another “we are going to lose everything because we are poor and can’t solve it on our own” storyline for the Porter’s? Come on writers, you can do better!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Revenge only deserves a nine or a ten when it gets really explosive and Charlotte’s outburst this episode isn’t enough. So it’s an 8, because it was a good episode setting up a lot of different storylines and conspiracies for the second season, leaving us wanting more.


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