Hart of Dixie 2×01: I Fall to Pieces

Hart of Dixie 2×01: I Fall to Pieces

It’s time to pick a team! Is it going to be Team Shirtless or Team Golden Boy?

1. What just happened?!
Hart of Dixie is a show you slowly fall in love with. In season one the viewers fell in love with doctor Zoe Hart, golden boy George Tucker, (almost) always shirtless Wade Kinsella, former NFL player turned mayor Lavon Hayes and even a little bit with the controlling Southern Belle Lemon Breeland and her father, the slightly grumpy doctor Brick Breeland. If you haven’t watch it yet, it is not too late to start now! This small-town show reminds me in a way of Gilmore Girls. And when I say Gilmore Girls, you know it has got some wedding drama! In season two we are welcomed back the morning after the cancelled wedding of Lemon and George. Our favorite doctor has a lot of big decisions to make, because in one night Zoe went from zero guys to two guys who basically worship her (only Wade has a different way of showing it). The town is left wondering who is responsible for the breakup of the “royal” couple. Their best guess: Zoe Hart. In the meantime Zoe meets a new (best) friend and Lemon runs around town with a cake knife.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Zoe (to Lavon): “You are the worst girlfriend in the whole world.” I think it is mostly how Rachel Bilson delivered this line. Plus it is funny to see how a former NFL player tries to fill a void for Zoe that is basically in the shape of some Southern Belle kind of girlfriend (you have to admit that you liked Zoe and Annabeth’s friendship in season one). It’s just impossible for the guy!

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ That scene of Zoe and George in the kitchen was so cute! And not only the part when he walked in and leaned in for a kiss. When George kind of lost it when he found out about Zoe and Wade was hilarious. Rachel and Scott have a nice chemistry. Actually if I have to admit, all their scenes where swoon worthy tonight.
+ Wade’s country song comment about Zoe. He may seems annoying but in the end he was the one hooking up with her. It is so difficult to pick a team, because there is just so much tension between Wade and Zoe. I would hate to see that go.
+ It was kind of predictable Zoe wouldn’t choose one guy, but I’m okay with that. At least we have got some steamy scenes ahead and she isn’t going to be a pariah in BlueBell or worse: George’s rebound.
+ Nice observation from Wade, when George didn’t want Lavon near Lemon and Zoe.
+ Was it just me or is there a chance we might see Lemon and Wade share a small kiss in the future? They are both busy with chasing their own dreams (Wade wanting to open his own bar) and standing on their own two feet. I think that the writers started to work on a small foundation for Lemon and Wade in that last scene.
+ Lemon running around town with the knife was funny! Also she is getting nicer. You go, girl! After Zoe covered for her panic attack (with the whole doctor-patient confidentiality she kind of have to), Lemon smoothen the path for a fresh start for George and her as individuals by blaming no one for the breakup.
+ Tom Long reminds me of Gilmore Girls’ Kirk. A little weird, but asking the right questions and making small observations when it’s necessary. Nice work writers!
– Just a little observation: why did George have a bruise on his cheek the entire episode? Did they film the fight scene too early on and he really got hit? The light in the doctor’s office was extra bright to cover it up – or they wanted to make him even more “golden”.
– Sorry I don’t like Ruby at all. I get the feeling she is trouble and not the good kind.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
After so many plus points I just have to give this episode a 9! It is great to have these kind of small-town shows on the television next to all the flashy and supernatural shows. For those who aren’t watching Hart of Dixie yet: you are missing out!


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