New Girl 2×03: Jess and Nick go on a date… as friends

New Girl 2×03: Fluffer

Well fellow Nick and Jess shippers at least they are going on a date, right?

1. What just happened?!
Sorry for not recapping the first two episodes! They were fun to watch. But nevertheless here is our first recap of New Girl’s third episode this season and we pick up (almost) right after meeting Jess “shorty on the side” in episode two. Jess has trouble keeping everything casual and uses Nick as her emotional fluffer. Which means that we get a lot of advice on how to be friends with someone of the opposite sex. One tip: if you are listening to Adele right now with your BFF: kill that record!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
It so hard to choose, because the core four had some nice lines tonight. For instance Nick with: “He’s got a job, too? Poke a hole in that condom.” and his loft troll comment. Jess (to Nick): “Are you happy now? Now I have to get to know the guy I’m sleeping with.” she said it in a way like that would be the worst thing ever on the planet (if you take a look at the guy she might be right). And what do you think of Schmidt (about/to CeCe): “Being brown, you have the wisdom of 1,000 white women.” But the best one was Winston with his wisdom about Adele (and being friends with someone of the opposite sex)! Actually that whole dialog was great.

Winston: “No picnics, no mini-muffins and never Adele.”
Nick: “Adele?”
Winston: “Never Adele.”
Nick: “Adele is amazing.”
Winston: “No Adele, no concerts, no music, no T-shirts, no nothing.”
Nick: “But guys and girls…”
Winston: “Never Adele!”
Nick: “A little Adele.”
[Winston starts hitting Nick]

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ The quotes/the writing was strong this episode!
+ Jess and Nick go on a date, go to IKEA and fight like a couple. They are only one step away from becoming serious, right? (I hope so!)
+ CeCe and Schmidt had some nice moments together. I like their friendship.
+ The music in the end was so funny. I love the cheesy old school stuff.
– Didn’t like Winston’s personal storyline. I know a relationship can’t always be awesome, but I just didn’t like how they handled it.
– Why is New Girl promoting Mitt Romney? That was really annoying. Also because I want to see Schmidt and CeCe back together.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was a solid episode, so it’s an 8. Also because it was much funnier than Ben & Kate.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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