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Weekly round-up: break-ups, fresh starts and a lot of tension

Still from this week’s Hart of Dixie, Glee, Go On, New Girl and Revenge

What did you miss on All That Cubeness this week? Well, we are going to make it easy for you: we will make a short list of our posts at the end of every week. This is our first week online and for those who have been reading our blog: thanks, we really appreciate it! Is it your first time visiting All That Cubeness? Enjoy reading this week’s review of Glee, Hart of Dixie, Go On, New Girl and Revenge below.

Hart of Dixie 2×01: I Fall to Pieces – 9
Glee 4×04: Look out, things are getting Gleemotional – 8,5/9
Go On 1×05: Messages from the beyond – 8,5
New Girl 2×03: Jess and Nick go on a date… as friends – 8
Revenge 2×01: Destiny – 8

Next week on All That Cubeness
We will be posting new reviews of these five shows and we are adding two returning shows to our review list: Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries! Still not sure which pilots you should check out? We are going to review a couple of new shows in a special post next weekend.

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