Revenge 2×02: Threats and other twists and turns

Revenge 2×02: Resurrection

Is your head still spinning too?

1. What just happened?!
Oh help, it’s my job to explain this in a few words… to keep it simple: plan A failed so it was time for a plan B. In other words (notice a lot of “trying”): Conrad tried to boost his company with Charlotte’s inheritance, so he had her labeled insane. Daniel finally steps up to do right by his sister. Emily finds out more stuff about her mother and Victoria’s roll in it, so she tries to kidnap Charlotte as payback. Victoria and Charlotte try to flee the country but without the inheritance, no passports. Victoria lets herself get beat up by Conrad to frame the white-haired man. Jack and Faux-manda get a paternity test. Declan starts to work on the side (bad move, boy). Meanwhile the white-haired man tries to kill Emily, but knight in shining armor Aiden – who has been spying on Emily for days – kills the man right on time. Oh yeah: Nolan was busy with conference calls in his underpants.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
You all are going to think that this is a shoo-in for Nolan’s “it’s like you just expect me to be your fashionably dressed, technologically savvy sidekick.” It was really good, but this line was a couldn’t miss comedy moment. So I’m going to choose for Emily’ little stab to Faux-manda about having secrets for Jack: “Oh, right. That’s your role in the relationship.” (It’s all in the delivery!) Plus the little bit between her and Nolan was kind of nice too. Nolan: “I don’t think my employees have any respect for me.” Emily’ response: “Why would they? You’re not wearing pants.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I like Emily being a big sis to Charlotte. (I’m going to overlook the kidnapping part for a second.)
+ Victoria looked like a returned Queen when she was back at Grayson manor sitting in that big chair.
+ One of our favorite GREEK girls joins the cast. Welcome Dilshad Vadsaria (for GREEK fans also know as Rebecca Logan)! Like the determination, hate the outfit. They are trying to hard to make her look like a nerdy accountant who clearly is going to get her “she’s all that” act together in an episode or two.
+ Daniel was so sweet when he started to fight for his sister(‘s wellbeing). Also the guy is so naive and still pining for Emily. She is at least going to use that against him once right?!
– Seriously Ashley?! Dating Daniel so that you can control him according to his daddy’ wishes? Lets hope the girl gets something out of it… she already lost the woman of the manor position.
– I don’t like it when our heroine almost gets killed. She looked a little bit naive, not expecting that the white-haired man would try to kill her. Lucky her British friend was there to save the day.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
I’m just a little bit confused. I don’t know for sure if I liked this episode. This is one of those episodes you start to understand when you have seen ten more, I think. Then you get to the point when it finally all starts to make sense. So for now it is a 7,5/8. Dear writers, I need some clarity!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know below in the comments!


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