Go On 1×06: Appetizing or not?

Go On 1×06: Big League Chew

There’s something as fast food aversion? Wait. No. What??

1. What just happened?!
First of all, excuse me for my shameless patriotic plug: yay for fellow dutchie Caro Emerald on the opening scene soundtrack.

In this episode we learn why happy Danny is always happy. Turns out an imaginary and slightly creepy village, (the cheesy toothpaste commercial kind), really helps coping with a cheating spouse. Ryan helps Danny realize that escape or denial isn’t the right answer, while denying he’s in a grief eating phase (Sense the irony?). The group does not hesitate to support him in this (Kit Kat Lasagna. YES) and also meets Lauren’s boyfriend Wyatt. Lauren loves Snickers bars. Does she love Wyatt though?

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Ryan: “What happened to Lorenzo?” Carrie: “Is it possible you ate him?”
– Wyatt: “Hey guys. Lauren told me you wanted me to give you dirt on her and she asked me and I came, but I’m just not really feeling right about it. I mean, it feels coarse.” Group: “Oh…”. Wyatt: “I’m just screwing with ya, she’s gay for Salma Hayek and she did child beauty pageants. Ha ha ha! Let’s do this!”
– Ann: “It’s Calorie Aversion Therapy.” Sonia: “CAT!”.
– Ryan: “If you don’t know, you know. You know?”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Long time no see, George!
– Wasn’t really feeling Danny’s storyline. Although I find the group formation perfect as it is, not everyone’s background story appears to be as interesting as others. Not that I don’t like Danny’s character (played well by Seth Morris), but feels better to me as a secondary role.
+ Ryan’s ginormous long bike ride…to the supermarket. Had me giggling out loud.
+ Ryan’s ‘favorite story to tell’. Really cute ending to the other somewhat meh storyline about Lauren and Wyatt.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Honestly, this episode was not as funny as the previous ones. But as I’m also not in denial anymore (of being a Matthew Perry fan that is): 7

What did you think of this week’s episode?


One thought on “Go On 1×06: Appetizing or not?

  1. Yay for the shout-out! Had the same “go Dutchie” feeling when I recognized Caro’s song! So great that they use her songs on various shows (for example Pretty Little Liars). PS: you kind of want to try out that Kit Kat Lasagna one day, won’t you?

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