Hart of Dixie 2×02: Are you allowed a change of heart?

Hart of Dixie 2×02: Always on My Mind

Dr. Hart choose neither, but she wants both. Who could blame her?

1. What just happened?!
Zoe didn’t choose Wade or George, but ended up having a lot of sex with Wade anyway. Wade claims she is hooked, while Zoe Hart tries to better her life. So they make a bet about sleeping with each other in the next 48 hours. Meanwhile George tries to get back in the field (with help from Wade’s C7). Lemon starts and fails at her new job at the Rammer Jammer and Rose organizes the BlueBellapalooza music festival to secure her social status as indie rock girl. Also Ruby turns out to be a biatch. Oops, was that too harsh?

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
When Lavon points out Zoe’s craving for marshmallows, she reacts with:“Hey, it takes a lot of marshmallows to get any nutritional value. Plus, it’s almost been 24 hours since I had sex with Wade. It’s either this or smoking.” Including her priceless face it’s this weeks number one.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ While George was – in my opinion- a little bit boring in season one (except during his awesome New Orleans trip) I have had a total change of heart since the last few episodes. Scott Porter is so freaking adorable (I know I’m a few FNL seasons late, but better late than never). How the hell can you turn down George Tucker with that sweet and sexy smile of his, Zoe Hart?!
+ Answer: Wade Kinsella. Wade was fun again! He is the guy that gets under your skin and you just get curious what is going to happen next. I totally get why Zoe has a hard time deciding who to be with. We’ve all been there, but I’m curious how long they (as in the writers) can make this “will they/won’t they” storyline stay interesting. Maybe they should really give it a try, based on the glances in the car. (Although I could be okay too if the writers let George and Zoe get together and have Wade and Lemon start a little romance too)
+ Rose’s “Road trip! Woo-hoo!” was hilarious and Wade’s response even more. Haha! I like Rose’s quirkiness.
+ The BlueBellapalooza music festival was so much fun! Plus how many incredibly talented people do they have on the cast?! Loved Magnolia Breeland’s performance and George singing really takes me back to the episode that he sang in New Orleans. I recently rewatched that one and it was amazing!
+ Seeing Lemon as a waitress was fun. Plus I really like she is still a strong person. Also loved her snarky comment to George: “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go marry the ketchups. Maybe they’ll go through with it.”
+/- I really don’t get men. Fighting one day, being best friends again the next. But I liked seeing George and Wade bonding again. They have a nice bromance.
– Ruby’ evilness. Lavon was right, people (and so was I by the way)! Lavon Hayes needs to stay the mayor, because what should he do otherwise? Open a bar with Wade? Don’t ruin this character, writers!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
I start to look more forward to this show every week. It’s fun, witty, quirky and it has a little drama. It’s a 9 again! Not bad, Hart of Dixie, not bad at all.


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