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Weekly round-up: returns, hipsters, undecided hearts and kit kat lasagna

Still from this week’s Modern Family, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, New Girl, Go On, Gossip Girl

Another week, another round-up. Been too busy working, studying, updating your facebook status and/or chillin in your snuggie this past week? No problemo, the All That Cubeness team sums up your favorite tv moments. Modern Family multiplied the fun, we finally  ‘rendez vous’-ed with Gossip Girl again, met some hipsters, yearned for loads and loads of Kit Kat Lasagna (I say: pass on that recipe uncle!) and had our full amount of laughter, drama and tensity all around. Feel free to read the corresponding reviews, just click away on the links below.

Gossip Girl 6×01: The return of the non judging breakfast club – 9
Hart of Dixie 2×02: Are you allowed a change of heart? – 9
Modern Family 4×02: Life will be all like “whaaat?” – 8,5
The Vampire Diaries 4×01: Watch out for the big bad vampire – 8
Revenge 2×02: Threats and other twists and turns – 7,5/8
Modern Family 4×03: Read on, chop chop. – 7,5
Go On 1×06: Appetizing or not? – 7
New Girl 2×04: blegh hipster hippies enter the building – 6

Next week on All That Cubeness
While a few of our favorite shows are taking a little vacation the coming week(s)… not us! We’ll still be on it to keep providing you with your dosage of reviews. We’ll continue reviewing series as Revenge and Gossip Girl, but some other shows will take a peek around the corner the coming days as well. Be on the look out.

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