Revenge 2×03: Who’s your daddy?

Revenge 2×03: Confidence

Look! It’s the Grayson-Clarke family Christmas photo card.

1. What just happened?!
It’s the aftermath of Victoria’s return to the Grayson Manor and we work up to the big press event Victoria is hosting to get the press of her back. Meanwhile Emily and Aiden, dealing with the dead white-haired man in Emily’ living room, try to make sense of his possessions without cooperating. Also Emily manipulates Faux-manda to keep close to Charlotte and a feeling left out Nolan is moving out. Right before the event Daniel finds out the truth of his mother’s faked kidnapping. All the plans seems to fall apart, until Victoria takes the matter in to her own hands and publicly announces her affair with David Clarke, which leads to the introduction of the Grayson-Clarke family – including Faux-manda, who looks a little bit afraid of all these new developments. In the end everything seems to work out quite well for our heroine Emily: Daniel is out to ruin his mother plus he trust Emily again and Faux-manda is embedded in the Grayson family. Time to take them all down, Ems!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
It’s hard to choose a particular quote from this episode, but I really like Victoria’s speech. She is really strong and I liked that she finally admitted to having a affair with David Clarke. So I’m going with: “And this starts with the biggest admission of my life. Charlotte is the blessed consequence of my affair with David Clarke.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Nolan’s awkward moment with this is my Ems. Haha.
+ Jack’s commitment to the baby, but not to Faux-manda. We all know it wasn’t there in the first place, but finally the guy realizes that for himself.
+ Daniel – always the last one to catch up with everything – has an unbelievable crush on his ex and does immediately everything she tells him to do. Poor boy, a little naive but very very cute (and good-looking). Okay seriously: I’m curious what he will come up with to play his mom’s game better.
+ The scene of Nolan and Emily when he is packing to leave her house was sweet. I really think Emily sees Nolan as a brother. It was hard to see him so defeated by everything that has happened. He was always so cheerful.
+ Liking Padma as the CFO, she has a nice spark that people like Faux-manda and Ashley are cleary missing. By the way: I’m betting she starts following Nolan or she is going to be there for him when he really breaks down, which will all lead to a hook-up.
+ The white-haired man having a relationship with Emily’ mother is a great twist! I totally didn’t see that one coming.
– Not liking Aiden so far. Too much explaining with the flashbacks (I got it after the first one: he is not to be trusted) and the stupidest thing is that he is ruining Emily’ search for her mother.
– They keep saying Emily has to stay on course. But what is the course? The only people she has to take down are the Graysons to avenge her father’s death. Going after the company behind it feels a little like Prison Break… and we all know how bad that ended (Michael and Lincoln not being brothers by blood).
– Wow did Declan go from holding on to a necklace to breaking and entering?! When did this happen? So not cool, Declan. If they are already cutting scenes to explain this, why don’t the writers give him a better storyline?!
– Conrad what is the use of renewing your vows with Victoria? Couldn’t you come up with something better to irritate her? In Victoria’s world this feels like a small itch.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It’s getting better: 8,5. Can’t wait to see the real bomb going off in the next episode. The promo is looking good.


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