Gossip Girl 6×02: Blast from the past

Gossip Girl 6×02: High Infidelity

Only our little raccoon has turned into another annoying 17 year old teenager, who banished headbands for hats.

1. What just happened?!
Everybody is maturing, so that means getting coffee and wander around the city with your friend during office hours, having brunches with family, selling your book to a magazine, having make-out sessions with minors and doing interviews a week before your first fashion show. Having to work is so tough on the UES! Luckily you get to attend a Gala at the end of the day which is organized by Serena Van Der Woodsen.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
The best one this week was the dialog between Georgina and Dan (and not the one were she refers to Ivy as fake Charlie): “Why is the handsome, vacant one calling me?” Dan’s response: “If you’re referring to Nate, he has a surprisingly high I.Q.” This sums up Nate’s part on Gossip Girl quite well: being pretty and sleeping around. Mentioning a possible high I.Q. for our pretty man is kind of funny.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I am really liking Georgina this season. She was always very annoying, but this time her lines are spot on and Michelle Trachtenberg’s delivery of them is impeccable.
+ Thank you Dan for saying that your father is officially dethroned as moral compass on the show. And thankfully the writers decided that they did not need anymore screen time to permanently burn the image of Rufus and Ivy together into our brain.
+ Liking Blair’s new office! And did you all see the return of the headband and the photo’s from S+B’s photoshoot in season 1? It’s all in the details this season.
+ It’s always fun when we see Dorota back on the screen.
+ Bromance alert! Nate talking some sense into Dan, who clearly lost his way. Like Nelly Yuki said: you still try to be a apart of it. Dan should really admit by now that he hates to be an outsider and wants to be an insider until the end of time.
+ I wonder what Georgina has up her sleeve for Dan. Him running out on her can’t happen without some retribution.
+ I can totally see Nate watching the millionaire matchmaker. By the way: Serena and Nate scenes were cute. I hope they finally realize they might be meant for each other. Their babies would be so pretty.
– Blair’s scheme this episode was really bad. Isn’t the character above this now? Plus she pulled way better stuff in high school.
– Bringing back Poppy Lifton?! The only thing I remember about her is her name. They should bring people back who are at least a bit more memorable than her. Yes, even Vanessa would have been better.
– Can’t Chuck and Blair just be together?! This civil stuff is getting boring.
– Sage is so annoying. Serena van der Woodsen as a stepmom isn’t so bad, right? Although never quote Shakespeare again miss Van der Woodsen, nobody believes you actually read that. Can’t understand either that Nate would sleep with a minor when he is trying to build a respectable company/paper.
– Battle of the Basses is still boring as hell. Plus I hate that they writers ruin Ed Westwick’s outstanding performance at his father’s funeral with this storyline.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Not as strong as the premiere: 7,5. We might have to be thankful that Gossip Girl has only 10 episodes this season so the writers have to wrap up the annoying and boring storylines quickly and move on to the stuff we actually want to see happening.

What do you think of Sage and her just revealed plan to destroy her father and Serena’s relationship? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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