Modern Family 4×04: Here comes treble

Modern Family 4×04: The Butler’s Escape

Abacadabra… *Poof* Here’s my review for today (Ta-dah). So far, The Great Chankini.

1. What just happened?!
Ariverdeci, Alex-gone-goth. Nerdy Alex is back and seems to get a thrill out of bashing her mother Claire. Something seems to be off there, but what will it be? Phil and Luke are having a way better parent-child moment exploring their joint obsession for magic tricks. Or so it seems. Tides turn as soon as Luke announces he doesn’t like magic as much as Phil does. Will Phil accept this? I think not. Will Phil successfully fulfill The Butler’s Escape? (Jada-jada-jada-a-very-long-Butler’s-Escape-backgound-story-from-Phil aaaaand moving on). Again, I think not.

Meanwhile Cam and Mitchell find some difficulties settling in to their new roles. Cam’s the new high school music teacher (and my favorite), Mitchell finds his daughter in dairy cases. The Delgado-Pritchett residence experiences super loud snoring and secret hotel reservations.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Cam: “Oh I have this whole thing planned. Ok I’m going to walk in, take of my jacket and say ‘here comes treble’.”
– Cam, while introducing his ‘best friend’ music to a high school class room: “…and sometimes she can be downright a-funkyyyy.” Including cheesy keyboard midi-song and well suiting dance.
– Claire: “Why are we hugging?” Cam: “Because I know if he called you for help and heard as many insults as I know he had to hear, he had a worse day than me.” Mitchell, dramatically falling onto Cam’s shoulder: “Oh she was horrible Cam!”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Little Lily’s getting more and more lines. Not the world’s best actress yet, but hey, give the little girl a break. She delivers some quite funny moments. Her pulling the plug on Cam’s keyboard made me LOL.
+ Mitchell drinking out of a ‘I love me’ cup, Cam’s music note sweater. The props subtlely (or in the case of Cam’s sweater: not so subtlely) fit the characters well.
– Wasn’t feeling the snoring story line. Manny’s subtle payback to Jay at the end was funny, but furthermore…meh. I might just not be the target audience; it may be very recognizable for the pregnancy-experienced.
+ An educative message this week! “The minute I stopped caring what other people thought and started doing what I wanted to do, is the minute I finally felt free”. Amen Phil, amen.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Only Modern Family can pull of an emotional scene while Phil performs an impressive (or not so impressive) magic trick. It’s that peculiar mood and humor that I like so much about this show, not to mention the memorable one-liners. There was a tiny lack of those last mentioned this week though. A good episode, not Modern Family’s best. 7

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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