What to watch: Ben and Kate, brother and sister as fire and rain

Ben and Kate

We hear you think “So many new tv shows, so little time”. No worries, the All That Cubeness team checks them out for you and suggests what to watch. This way you will know which tv shows you can’t miss, which you can DVR or even completely forget about. We try to watch at least the first two episodes before we start judging – the pilot can be a lucky shot.

Be sure to watch bro and sis (on) Fox.

1. What is Ben and Kate about?
REALLY surprisingly, it is about Ben and Kate. Ben and Kate are brother and sister, who end up living together at the end of the pilot. As children, they kind of raised their selves, due to not-so-happy-family circumstances. This led to an undeniable sibling bond between two people who couldn’t be more different from each other. Ben’s the one that never grew up. Always the light of the party and slightly cuckoo. Kate’s the one that grew up too fast. She is now a single-mom waitress who always tries to be the responsible one. (Tries though.)

Ben moved away a few years ago and showed up at any given moment. Until now. In the pilot he comes back for his ex-girlfriend Darcy, who he also likes to refer to as Mrs. Ben Fox since she’s the love of his life. Then Ben finds out Darcy is getting married to some dorky almost bald guy, plans to crash her wedding and fails. Kate tries to open up to love and fails as well. While both are a little let down, Ben decides to stay and help Kate raise Maddie. This leads to a show about something best described by Ben himself: ‘We’re brother and sister. Nothing weird, just a couple of co-parenting siblings trying to navigate this crazy mixed up world of ours.’ Accompanied by their two silly friends BJ and Tommy.

2. The cast and characters of Ben and Kate
Nat Faxon as Ben Fox: Kate’s older brother.
Dakota Johnson as Kate Fox: Ben’s younger sister.
Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Maddie Fox: Kate’s cute five year old daughter.
Lucy Punch as BJ: Kate’s colleague and best friend. The ‘who needs brains when you’re hot, blonde AND have a British accent’ kind.
Echo Kellum as Tommy: Ben’s best friend who’s had a crush on Kate since they were kids.

3. What’s good so far
+ Ben and Kate’s relationship as brother and sister. The bickering, the scavenger hunt rivalry, the awkward ‘waffles/chess’ talks, but also Ben saving Kate from heartbreak and Kate defending Ben in front of Darcy. In the end they’re just best friends who are always there for each other. Having a brother myself I find this funnily recognizable and moving at the same time.
+ I like the chemistry between the four grown-up characters and how they’re not acting like grown-ups at all. Each one adds his/her own flavor to the group. Basically the show is about family and friendship, something we can all relate to.
+ The show has a great balance in silliness and sweetness. With Ben and BJ around we seem to be assured of some funny, odd scenes. While Kate and Tommy always end up participating in them. Shout out to Lucy Punch-line-BJ, she delivers some really funny lines.

4. What needs some work
– I’m curious to see where the story lines will go. How many episodes can you write about a brother convincing his sister to let go more and a sister learning her brother to be more responsible? Cause until now it hasn’t been more than that, besides a lot of funny moments. In order to remain entertaining an entire season (or even more than that) the plot lines will need more development in my opinion. I feel like some story lines have already neared their ending, like the one about Ben and Darcy. Is there more to tell? Maybe we’ll learn about Ben and Kate’s past, meet their parents? Maybe some romance will come around? That might add a tiny bit more depth into the show.

5. Should it get a full season order?
Am I spilling any beans by telling you it already got one? And well deserved, if you ask me. I’ve enjoyed the episodes so far and am curious to see where the siblings will take us next. As I’ve said before, some story lines already seem to have come to an end, so what will happen during the rest of the season? To find out with me, you can tune in on Fox the entire season. Just save some room in your agenda every tuesday at 8:30/7:30c.

 What are your thoughts on Ben and Kate? Let us know in the comments below.


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