Gossip Girl 6×03: OMG… this was a disaster

Gossip Girl 6×03: Dirty Rotten Scandals

When you realize that Georgina was the best thing Gossip Girl had going the past two episodes… you just can’t believe how bad this show has gotten.

1. What just happened?!
You may hate me, but believe me it hurts to write this: this episode sucked big time. Before watching it I read on Twitter that the episode wasn’t great. So I started watching this episode with a bad feeling in my stomach, which keep getting worse during it. I really don’t want this tv show ending on a bad note, because it was really great in the early days and it doesn’t deserve that. But nevertheless… it was the week of Blair’s big fashion show, which turns out to be a disaster (clothing and show wise). In the meantime Sage is being very annoying. Nate and Dan publish their first expose and Chuck saves the day (sort of).

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Blair: “My back is up against the wall, and not in a hot Chuck Bass kind of way.” At least Blair had some nice one-liners tonight.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Steven mentioning the importance of going to college. Which is kind of hilarious, because our UES-ers basically never really went.
+ Chuck and Blair combining forces, which they should have been doing a long while ago.
+ Chuck’s purple socks in the last scene. They matched his outfit, haha! Thank you Chuck Bass (and styling) for finally putting a smile on my face during this episode.
– Going back to my first shout-out: I missed Georgina this episode and I used to hate that character! She was always funny, but very annoying. She being the best the show has to offer these days is a bad sign.
– The clothes at the fashion show were so bad. What happened with Blair’s impeccable taste? Last week’s designs looked so much better. This week the three signature designs in her office were reproduced with the most ugly printed fabrics as a collar or belt attached to it. For the fans: if you compare it to the old-fashioned green balloon dress Serena wore at Eleanor’s fashion show, this was worse. Also Blair’s red outfit in the first few scenes was awful too.
– Yuck Ivy and Rufus screen time. And he is still picking Ivy’s side even after Dan summed up everything that Ivy did to them and their family.
– Dan turning down Nelly Yuki. I have to admit that Ivy was right by calling Dan a Park Avenue prince.
– Serena and Blair (but mostly Serena) too blind to see the trap of a selfish, stubborn teenager? They used to crush these girls with one look!
– Since when does a respectable newspaper (is it really?) want to beat a gossip site for school girls? Shouldn’t The Spectator be battling with the Vanity Fair’s of this world?
– Why is Nate still sleeping with Sage? He should support his actual friends in stead.
– Battle of the Basses: snooze fest. It turns out to be Chuck mumbling words to complete strangers for two seconds and carrying around lots of cash.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
I am going with a 5/5,5. Let’s hope for the best for the final 7 episodes…


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