Revenge 2×04: My name is Thorne, Emily Thorne

Revenge 2×04: Intuition

Revenge is getting their James Bond on with all these gadgets.

1. What just happened?!
Faux-manda gave Charlotte a diary of their daddy and Victoria really want to get her hands on it. To cover up for Charlotte what Victoria and Faux-manda are really discussing, Victoria throws a baby shower for Faux-manda and all her rich friends plus Faux-manda’s people – like Victoria said – attend. Daniel snoops around the company while Conrad is dealing with the Initiative. In the meantime Ashley spies on Daniel. Aiden goes back to Kara to find out more about her and the work of the white-haired man Gordon. Nolan finds out that his father past away. Jack doesn’t have any luck with the inspection or dealing with Teen Wolf’s dad (can’t remember the character’s name, sorry) who was robbed by Declan. In the meantime at the party Faux-manda falls from the indoor balcony at the Grayson manor and is rushed to the hospital, where she gives birth to a son.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
I have to be honest, nothing really sticked this episode. Besides Emily’s bad joke with the umbrella: “For your baby shower, it goes with your real gift.” But I’m fond of her voice-overs at the end of every episode. This week it was: “When at a crossroads, my father was fond of saying go with your gut. ‘Intuition,’ he said, ‘always has our best interests at heart.'”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Although it was really creepy to see what Kara did to young Amanda, the montage itself was beautifully done (with Emily realizing what a monster her mother is). At first I thought Victoria had lied to Faux-manda, but showing the bitter truth made Victoria’s words believable at once.
+ Aiden being there for Emily in the end. I may finally start to believe he is really going to be a romantic interest for her this season.
+ Daniel being smart enough that Ashley might not be on his side. Until now he was really bad at the scheming.
+/- It felt like the storyline with Nolan and Padma didn’t really fit in this episode. It’s nice they are giving Nolan more backstory, but I thought Padma looked a bit fishy when she saw David Clarke’s investment in the company.
– The tripping from the balcony was kind of stupid. It was clearly a doll which fell down and every normal person would have hit the banister.
– I don’t believe that Ashley just got on Daniel’s side at once. Maybe she is tricking him after all.
– I feel sorry for Jack (and Declan), who are clearly being framed. I hope Nolan or Emily will come to their rescue.
– The same goes for Faux-manda, I finally started to like her and now she’s in a coma. What will be next for her now Emily already knows what Faux-manda heard right before the accident? The writers can give Jack more trouble to think about when Faux-manda dies and he has to take care of the baby. The Graysons will probably try to get custody then by calling him incapable. Or the writers can have her wake-up forgetting about the trade she made with the real Amanda (now Emily) and messing up Emily’s plans. What ever they choose, I’m curious about what will happen next!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
7,5 nicely done, but I expected a little bit more when I saw the promo. But I think we will have enough nervous breakdowns during the next episode. Because I suspect Kara will realize that Emily looks more like her daughter than Faux-manda.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Let us know in the comments.


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