Go On 1×07: Surprise, this is your birthday seduction

Go On 1×07: Any Given Birthday

Getting in my ‘birfday spirit’ with Go On. (Thanks NBC, this is a really appropriate episode with my birthday coming up next week.)

1. What just happened?!
Happy Birthday to Ryan! The group decides to celebrate Ryan’s special day with a Ryan King themed scavenger hunt (Planning this for next week. Right. Now.). Ryan’s not too thrilled about this idea, since he has never really enjoyed birthday celebration, plus he has to watch Steven after a medical procedure. Still, the group gets him to join (convincing chants help) and Sonia decides to be Steven’s nurse for the day. In a not creepy way at all. Double wink wink. She’s a little bumped out about the new happy couple photos she accidentally stumbled across while facebook stalking her ex-boyfriend Jason. And that surely doesn’t help when stoned Steven (who should rest until the anesthesia wears off) asks to go on a shopping spree.

Meanwhile, after Ryan tried to get out of the scavenger hunt (again), Lauren tells him to fake it till he makes it. Maybe the fake enjoyment will help him to really enjoy his birthday for the first time in years? Seems like it does and it also seems like the group is having way much fun. Even Anne and Mr. K get on one page for a change. But then it turns out Janie used to plan birthdays extremely early. Like seriously.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Lauren: “Now these people, who love you, would like to celebrate your birthday with you. And if I know them they are not gonna give up easily, they will probably start to chant.” Group: “CHANT! CHANT! CHANT! CHANT! CHANT! CHANT! CHANT!” Ryan: “Ok guys, I will do the scavenger hunt… *everyone claps* …but in the future you can’t just say the word chant, your chants have to have content.” Group: CON-TENT! CON-TENT! CON-TENT! CON-TENT! CON-TENT!”
– Ryan, singing: “Duuuust in the wind, everything is dust in the wind.” Steven: “Who sings that song?” Ryan: “Kansas.” Steven: “Let’s keep it that way.”
– Ryan: “Why don’t you get six or seven cats? That seemed to work out well last time.” Sonia: “Oh. Why don’t you have your wife not be dead?”
– Lauren: “Permission to speak outside my role as loss counselor?” Ryan: “Permission denied.” Lauren: “These people care about you!” Ryan: “I said permission denied.”
– Ryan: “You are a very mean lady. And it is MY BIRTHDAY!”
– Ryan: “I can pretend I enjoy anything. I’ve interviewed soccer players.” (As a dutchie I say: Ouch Ryan. Ouch.)
– Owen: “White butts are funny. They don’t even look real.”
– Ryan about the time he became third on ‘sexiest voice on radio’: “But what I do, my trick, is that I lower my voice. So my normal voice is up here.” Sonia: “Right, not sexy…”
– Yolanda, just after Lauren tells Ryan the hard news that Janie planned the hotel room as a birthday gift: “It’s never a good time to talk about money, but… you each owe me 200 dollars.”

Soooooo that’s basically the entire script?

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Yolanda doing her own drum roll. Totally really completely not relatable.
+ Ryan’s inner monologue, portrayed by Lauren and Ryan after that. Asking Coronel Cow for his insights is a good thing. Otherwise it’s just baaaaad manners.
+ Normal Steven is ok, high Steven sure is more entertaining. He also would be a per-fect catwalk/catalogue model under constant influence of hospital drugs.
– Sonia as a nurse… a little annoying to be honest.
+ The continued comparison between Ryan and Rachel Maddow.
+ Mr. K. taking a pair of pants as they leave the dry cleaner. Details people, details.
+ I like the boss-assistant relationship between Ryan and Carrie. They’re so awesomely sarcastic to each other.
+ Lauren’s very awkward birthday seduction dance. Anne’s and Mr. K’s dance was weirdly entertaining as well.
+ Again, the moment between Ryan and Janie. It starts with a C and ends with hemistry.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
An 8, that will be my gift for Ryan’s birthday. Not only because it’s an extremely cheap gift, but also because I’m glad the show is back, it’s just one of my favorite new shows this season.

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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