Hart of Dixie 2×04: Nobody can stop Lemon Breeland

Hart of Dixie 2×04: Suspicious Minds

Should we start an “independent Lemon Breeland” fan club? Because I really start to like Jaime King’s character!

1. What just happened?!
Lemon starts with her new job as campaign manager for Lavon, who isn’t sure she is the right person to do the job. But Lemon explains it quite right: they have a common enemy to take down and Lavon agrees. Zoe and Wade are still casually hooking up, but when Zoe sees Wade with another girl she gets jealous. Being jealous is not “casual” approved. Not being able to talk to Lavon about it, she goes to Ruby who sets her up with her cousin. Zoe can’t wait to rub her date in Wade’s face at the Rammer Jammer. In the meantime Lemon thinks she might be preggers and because of the big gossip circuit in town she tries to steal the pregnancy test while shopping groceries for the meat and greet BBQ for Lavon. Caught redhanded, Lavon saves her day but a drunk Zoe blurts out the news of Lavon caught shoplifting when Ruby is around. She immediately calls the paper to prevent Lavon from getting the Owl Club endorsement. Zoe sees Ruby’s true colors, which means the end of their friendship (for now). Then she finally works up the courage to talk to Wade about their unspoken agreement. She doesn’t ask him to be her boyfriend, but to be monogamous and Wade agrees! Looks like there is a happy ending in store for our favorite doctor after all.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Lemon: “Oh, my God. Am I the only person in this town that can keep a secret?” Yes girl, you are. It’s sad, but we also love the small town gossip in BlueBell. George (about Lemon’s pregnancy scare): “You’re not? I’m sorry. Did that come out too happy?” I think everyone (including the viewers) was happy that we dodged that bullet. Happy that the writers didn’t go there. And what did we think of the dialog between Annabeth and Lemon about her campaign manager news? Annabeth: “I still don’t understand that. Last year, when he ran unopposed, we backed ‘None of the Above.’ What changed?” Lemon: “It’s very simple: A) the mayor has a very Belle-positive platform, and B) I want Ruby Jeffries to know, once and for all, that she cannot beat Lemon Breeland. Mostly B.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Lavon dancing in the kitchen! He got moves.
+ I really liked Lemon’s blue dress! All her clothing this episode (or the whole season actually). It’s still preppy Lemon, but with a modern twist.
+ Lavon being a gentleman and covering for Lemon’s shoplifting. Lemon and Lavon make a good team. Maybe there is a little bit of hope for them as a couple after all? By the way: nice to hear them mentioning Burt Reynolds the alligator again too (consistency!).
+ I’m finally catching up: of course the writers chose the election storyline because of the presidential election which are happening right now in the States. Oops! Well rock the vote, American voters. No matter what you vote, it’s important that you vote. And props for the writers for the small election commercial.
+/- I’m happy that Wade and Zoe decided on the monogamous thing. I didn’t really liked the obsessive, jealous and drunk Zoe much.
– Calling the paper about Lavon’s shoplifting was a rude move from Ruby. Glad Zoe stood up for her friend.
– The storyline with Ruby’s cousin was one big yawn.
– How bad is it that a father and a doctor isn’t able to raise his own daughter (although Brick and Magnolia’s scenes were fun)? In a way it proves why Lemon is so tough and ready to take care of herself (I just really like Lemon’s mission this season, it makes her much more likeable).

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Nice episode again and we have seem quite some developments (Zoe and Wade almost going steady!). Lets hope that they can wrap the election storyline up in two weeks, because I’m getting tired of Ruby and her mean tricks. It’s an 8.


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