Pretty Little Liars 3×13: Ghosts, revelations and body bags

Pretty Little Liars 3×13: This Is a Dark Ride

Trick or treat! One of the many Halloween episodes this week, but this time the dead bodies are real.

1. What just happened?!
Pretty Little Liars is back for just one special Halloween episode, because the scariest show for teens can not be missing from our screen this week. The question before this episode aired was: who is going to die? But before we get to that, lets inform you about what happened: the girls get ready for a Halloween party, which is held on a train. In the meantime Mona has been working on a arts and crafts project to sneak out of the mental institute again. It looks like if everyone in Rosewood is on the train (including members of the A team). Even Jason, because he has apparently no one around his own age to hang out with. Special guest star is Adam Lambert, who contributes by performing some of his spooky music and with some small chit-chat with Aria. It doesn’t take long until two of the girls are grasped by a hooded figure. Garrett took Spencer aside to inform her about Alison and Byron’s meeting at the night Alison died. Spencer decides that Aria needs this to hear this straight from him and urges him to not leave the train (or town) till she does. At that moment the girls find out that Aria is kidnapped by A (after being drugged – always keep an eye on your glass!). The viewer sees Aria stuck in a wooden box and when it falls we see Garrett’s dead body lying next to her. CREEPY! After another attack on Spencer, who is saved by Lindsay, the three girls are right on time to save Aria from being thrown of a riding train in the wooden box. You that this was shocking? Well wait for the final scene in the train where a body bag is revealed after a small fight between Noel and Toby. Gasp! Also: Hannah’s mom – who is dressed as a sexy nurse – is being haunted by a real ghost: a little girl who talks about dolls!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
I’m going with Mona’s introduction of Halloween. She is really creepy when she looks so in control of herself (and the actions of others). “But I love Halloween. All the dressing up, being other people. Tricks and treats. Treats that turn into tricks. It’s better than Christmas. More makeup. And this is gonna be the best…Halloween… ever. I’d bet somebody’s life on that.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ The kidnapping of Aria was really creepy. After the shooting in the summer finale there was sure a lot of drama in this episode.
+ A useful storyline for one of Rosewood’s parents. I hope the writers will address the little girl’s ghost in the forthcoming episodes.
+ New information about the night of Alison’s death. The mystery continues, so that leaves more theories for Spencer to explore!
+ On the girl’s costumes. Although Aria seemed kind of save if you compare it to her usual wardrobe choices.
+ For revealing the body bag! I assume the remains of Alison will be inside. I see a tiny funeral-esque scene happening in the winter premiere.
– All the girls turn alternative and emo clothing wise during the opening scene. Not necessary in my opinion.
– I just really gives me the creeps to see Toby so close and intimate with Spencer after the reveal of him being on the A team.
– The writers should invest more time into Lucas. He is a lot more interesting than Jenna and/or Noel Kahn.
– Is the Ezra and Aria storyline getting a bit boring, or is it just me who thinks that? She is still underage, right? And Ezra can kiss her with all these cops around and nobody even raises an eyebrow? Yawn.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
An 8 for being such a drama packed and dynamic episode for just one tiny little return. It feels like an half-season finale all over again.


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