Revenge 2×05: Forgive, but never forget

Revenge 2×05: Forgiveness

Mother instincts all over the place this week on Revenge.

1. What just happened?!
Being in a coma doesn’t have to be a big deal anymore on television, because before we know it Faux-manda is awake and healthy. She even got a happy family with Jack and baby Carl by her side. Emily tries to track down her mother, who is currently staying at the Graysons. Victoria suspects that Kara has something to do with Faux-manda’s journals, so she tries to keep her enemy as close as possible. Padma is checking out the relation between Nolcorp and David Clarke, which is overheard by Aiden who is currently trying to get close to Daniel (and Ashley). Emily finally meets face-to-face with her mother when Mason Treadwell shows up. He is on a mission to find out Amanda’s secret. In the meantime the rich Teen Wolf daddy convinces Jack to sell the bar to him and Faux-manda forgives Kara for her absence with a sobbing Emily just around the corner.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
The old Nolan is coming back, proven by this great line about Emily not telling him her mom showed up: “Jack, who’s currently registering a 6 on the freak-o-meter. Me? I’m at 9, which must put you at infinity times infinity.” Also nice reference about Emily’s tattoo.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Emily coming clean to Faux-manda. This episode was named forgiveness and I really liked how it played out during it. Admitting that she (Emily) was wrong, was a nice character development. It makes her more human when she shows her emotions.
+ Little Amanda is so cute. I really like the flashbacks in the show. So I finally checked on IMDB who plays the character. Turns out two daughters of Barbara Alyn Woods (the wonderful Deb Scott on One Tree Hill) are playing this part. How great is that?!
+ Emily and Nolan in one room again! And with a great dialog again. I missed them together and hopefully we see this happen more often in the forthcoming episodes.
+ Nolan is cheering up! He was adorable about the uncle thing. Good to see him smile again.
– I’m not sure about Padma’s motives to check out David Clarke. I would like to think she is just looking out for Nolan and accidentally set some big disaster in motion.
– The return of Mason Treadwell. Although it will be an exciting storyline, the guy gives me the creeps. He just knows too much.
– Aiden… ugh. This character annoys me. One minute he is nice, than when Emily rejects him, he immediately double crosses her. Pick a side!
– Why is Daniel so open about his quest to destroy his father? Isn’t that against the first rule of taking revenge?

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
A lot of explaining, forgiving, character growth and setting up new storylines (which means on Revenge lots of trouble ahead): 7/7,5.


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