What to watch: Partners makes you laugh out loud


We hear you think “So many new tv shows, so little time”. No worries, the All That Cubeness team checks them out for you and suggests what to watch. This way you will know which tv shows you can’t miss, which you can DVR or even completely forget about. We try to watch the first two episodes before we start judging – the pilot can be a lucky shot.

Just want to sit back, relax and have good laugh? Then you should be watching Partners!

1. What is Partners about?
Four people, three guys and one girl, three couples, one friendship and two relationships. Louis and Joe have been friends since childhood and have their own business as architects. Louis currently dating a Jewish nurse Wyatt and Joe is dating Ali, who owns her own jewelry store. The last couple gets engaged in the pilot. Every episode we see these four people challenged by their daily stuff in a fun way. Also the creators of Will & Grace are behind this show.

2. The cast and characters of Partners
Sophia Bush as Ali: girlfriend – soon to be fiancée – of Joe, who designs jewelry and owns her own jewelry store. We know Sophia as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill.
David Krumholtz as Joe: best friend of Louis since they were little, architect, boyfriend of Ali and an extremely rational person. Remember the funny guy who helped a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 10 Things I Hate About You? Yes, that was David!
Michael Urie as Louis: best friend of Joe since they were little, architect, the boyfriend of Wyatt and an outspoken person who likes to exaggerate from time to time. His roll as Marc St. James on Ugly Betty might ring a bell (or two).
Brandon Routh as Wyatt: boyfriend of Louis, who is a good looking Jewish nurse (not a doctor which Louis keeps saying), soft spoken and a Mennonite. You may know Brandon as Clark Kent in Superman Returns.
Tracy Vilar as RoRo: the Puerto Rican secretary of Louis & Joe who is a little rude and was picked up by Louis on the subway.

3. What’s good so far
+ It’s always nice to see more interaction between gay and a heterosexual couples on television. Of course there are shows like Glee and Modern Family, but there is still a lot of awareness needed in the pursue for equal rights.
+ I’m glad that Sophia Bush got a job right out of One Tree Hill. She is a really great actress who proved she could handle drama and after watching the third episode of Partners, you will be completely convinced she is a great comedian as well.
+ Okay, maybe the (gay) jokes aren’t that original, but they are delivered in a great way (props for Michael Urie). I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that Partners makes you really laugh out loud.
+ One of the best scenes so far: the four friends playing Celebrity. The interaction between Louis and Ali was fantastic! The whole Derek Jeter thing was super funny actually.
+ I’m looking forward to get to know Wyatt better. I think he has a nice background story with being a nurse, Jewish, a Mennonite and his coming-out.

4. What needs some work
– Sophia Bush should stop making that move with her hand. It looks like she is cleaning a fake window when she does that.
– We have seen Ali and Joe lip-locking, but a real kiss between Louis and Wyatt hasn’t happen yet (and it’s not like gay people never make-out).
– More RoRo: the girl is funny! Can’t wait to see her cross paths with Ali (who hasn’t set foot yet in the guy’s office).

5. Should it get a full season order?
Yes! I would be very sad if it gets cancelled, because it’s a really great sitcom. You can think of it as a nice tv-snack: 20 minutes (okay 30 if you count the commercial breaks) of fun which you can easily watch after a tough day at work. Because of it’s slightly disappointing ratings the show is currently on the bubble. So if you haven’t watched it yet: start tuning in every Monday at 8:30/7:30c on CBS and save this show!

What do you think of Partners? Does this show deserves a shot?


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