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Halloween special: crazy costume is crazy (but which is the craziest?)

No Halloween without killer Halloween costumes! And by killer we mean *evil voice* horrifying killerrrrrrrrr muhahaha. *normal voice* Sorry got a little too much in character right there. Since Halloween takes about a week in tv land (hurray!), we’ve seen plenty crazy costumes come along. Here’s a question: whose is the ‘bestest’?

Ben and Kate | 1×06: Scaredy Kate
BJ as a catburglar

No extraordinary costumes for bro and sis Fox. Although Ben’s towel hat was rather interesting and hilarious, BJ combines costume and crime on Halloween night. Stealing from homes as a cat burglar, no one’s gonna suspect such an obvious happening.

(Extra tip: google search towel hat. I mean…what??!)

Ben and Kate

Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23 | 2×02: Love and Monsters…
James and Luther as an angel and cherub

Kudos for coordinating outfits, they are so much fun together! The whole positive theme party was kind of hilarious. But it was even funnier that James used his harp as a shield to protect himself from the devil. And of course Luther stepped it up a notch by having golden wings!

Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23

Hart of Dixie | 2×05: Walkin’ after Midnight
George Tucker as a sexy fireman

George wore (accidently) Zoe’s favorite costume: the sexy firefighter! Well we have to admit it was a winner. It’s nice to see someone else than Wade showing off his abs on Hart of Dixie. Even if George was sleepwalking, he sure did look sexy!

Hart of Dixie

Pretty Little Liars | 3×13: This is a Dark Ride
Emily as Barbarella

The Pretty Little Liars outfits were a bit safe this year. Hannah looked stunning as Marilyn, but “been there, done that”. Emily on the other hand was sexy and fierce as Barbarella (a fictional heroine – once portrayed by Jane Fonda – who is often associated with the sexual liberation and the modern emancipated woman). Sounds just like Emily to me!

Pretty Little Liars

Modern Family | 4×05: Open House of Horrors
Cam and Lily as Mr. Roarke and Tattoo

Poor Lily, with a princess dream crushed just a second ago… Kaboom! There’s her new outfit! We’ll admit though, as Fantasy Island’s Tattoo she made a cute combo with her daddy Cam – mister Roarke – Tucker.

Modern Family

New Girl | 2×06: Halloween
Schmidt as Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey

Hart of Dixie mentioned Magic Mike and New Girl goes all the way. Or actually Schmidt! His first outfit as Abraham Licoln (or Cece’s husband) was okay, but he owned the Matthew McConaughey version in Magic Mike! Schmidt is never afraid to go over the top. Also extra points for having two outfits.

New Girl

Suburgatory | 2×02: The Witch of East Chatswin
Tessa and friends as the Scooby Doo gang

Major kudos to George and Noah as Noah and George (not confusing at all), but nothing melts our heart more than pure 90s nostalgia. Tessa and co. made a splendid Scooby Doo foursome. Scooby-Dooby-Boo!


The Mindy Project | 1×04: Halloween
Mindy as Lil Wayne on the prairie

Costume galore in the search for a perfect I’m-sexy-AND-funny outfit. Oh Mindy, you should have gone with the grill. (Creativity points for the urinal though Morgan)

The Mindy Project

What were your favorite costumes this year? AND what was yours??
Feel free to share in the comments!


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