Modern Family 4×06: Do you Gloria, take thy puppet…

Modern Family 4×06: Yard Sale

Hold onto your shants, we’re having a yard sale

1. What just happened?!
Time to get rid of the old stuff! The whole family is having a yard sale for Luke and Manny’s social studies class. Right in the beginning Jay makes it perfectly clear that he does not like yard sales. I repeat: does not. But still the yard sale is on and of course the ‘fam’ wouldn’t be the ‘fam’ if things went smoothly.

Alex invites her new boyfriend Michael to the sale extravaganza. As Claire is 90 percent sure he’s 100 percent gay, she asks Cam and Mitchell for help.
Cam himself is selling his old jeans, because he lost 25 pounds of weight. (Insert applause moment). Mitchell secretly tries to save the pants from selling in case Cam – golly, heaven forbid – gains weight again. Let’s not hope Cam finds out (but I can tell you he does).

Phil finally found something less cool than his shants (pants that zip off into shorts, yes) in a street strider. Wife and kids are not excited, so when Jay tries to hide his motorcycle from yard sale visitors (some rude neighbors there, sheesh!) Phil decides to proof he’s a manly man by taking a motor cycle ride. Don’t know if that’s such a good idea?? Did I mention that Phil is terrified of motor cycles?

In the search for more crap to sell, Manny finds an old suitcase in the attic. As soon as Gloria spots it, she gets very secretive and protective over it. It’s from Colombia, so Luke’s suspicions involve a human head. Eventually it appears Gloria is married to a doll. (Sort of).

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Luke: “But you’re not even here anymore.” Haley, via Skype: “But it’s my stuff! Where’s mom? Luke, take me to mom. And move slow, I’m still drunk… – Claire walks in – …king my coffee. Mom!” Claire: “What’s the problem?” Haley: “Uhh tell Luke not to sell my stuff!” Claire: “Honey come on, give it up. Even John Mayer doesn’t have a John Mayer poster anymore.” Haley: “It’s signed by him.” Claire: “It’s time you knew, they come that way.” Haley: “But it’s to Haley…” Claire: “In a different color, your dad wrote that.” Haley: “Ewww he wrote my body is a wonderland.” Claire: “I didn’t catch that till after.”
– Alex about Phil’s Street Strider: “Even I think it’s nerdy and I’m fluent in Elvish.”
– Gloria: “It’s going back in the attic and I want no more questions!” Manny: “Why?” Gloria: “That’s a question.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Glad that Haley is still a part of the family and “digitally visits” her family every now and then. Mostly characters seem to disappear mysteriously after leaving the parents nest, so props for the writers keeping her involved. The Skype scene was funny.
– A lot of the story lines from this week seemed a little useless. Nothing that will be mentioned in future episodes. The episode stood entirely upon itself, which gave it less meaning in a way.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Good, nothing special. 6,5

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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