Suburgatory 2×03: Ryan’s song or love song?

Suburgatory 2×03: Ryan’s Song

Date week for Dallas and George!

1. What just happened?!
Dallas dated plenty of men who are better looking and sexier and beefier and brawnier and more cut and darker skinned and longer hair and taller and richer and more successful and funnier and friendlier, who have more summer homes and foreign cars and motorboats and yachts, who are more well-traveled and know more languages than George. Still, she’s nervously preparing for the big night out. George on the other hand is super chill and believes he can get away with a simple dinner at the meat restaurant and a walk afterwards. Oh oh.

Noah takes his nanny to the opera Carmen (finally someone wrote an opera to take a nanny named Carmen to) but he needs a babysitter. After convincing Noah and George she’s capable of watching a baby, Tessa babysits Opus. It doesn’t take too long for her to panic. Of course, she can’t call George (no way she’ll admit that babysitting is hard!), so she calls…

…Lisa, who is uncommonly super-duper nice to Ryan. Busy trying to manufacture a feeling of closeness between Ryan and herself so that if he ever does find out he’s adopted, she won’t lose him. “I will not be left alone with the two of you”, so says Lisa to her parents. (Can’t blame her for that.) Ryan is onto something though and makes up dramatic theories in his head. But he does take advantage of the situation by making sure that Lisa helps him get together with Tessa. Three guesses who’s on his way to rescue panicked Tessa now.

As date night arrived, let’s say Dallas expresses her nerves in a Dallas kind of way (grand entrance included). Meats are not for Dallas, so she talks George into a fancy restaurant. There, the romantic date turns out to be a date for three, as Dallas apparently invited her life coach Tibetitha to the date as well. Awkward date alert. Are George and Dallas of the table?

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Noah: “It’s like she baked him in her own meat oven.” George: “Ha wow that’s beautiful you should have it engraved in the necklace.”
– Ryan: “I think it’s pretty obvious. She’s my moose.” Lisa: “Your muse?”
– Man at door: “My business is called the Hillside Electrical strangler because I service these hills by locating people’s electrical problems and strangling them.” Tessa: “You have to admit, it’s a pretty weird thing to name your business.” Man at door: “The domain name cleared.”
– Lisa, answering the phone to Tessa: “Hey, I was just thinking about you, and Ryan, and the sweet love the two of you could make.” (This was just all sorts of wrong, lol)
– Ryan: “…Maybe they’ll write a song about me called Ryan’s song. Maybe they can play it at my funeral. I feel like it should be mostly instrumental, though” (I suspect with no chorus either)
– Ryan to Lisa: “You’re the best sister, bro”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Round of applause for Carly Chaikin pulling off that extremely long sentence without gasping.
+ Wooh! Ryan… seemed… human-like. His character has been so over the top weird until now, it was nice to see something different. And holding a baby DID make him more attractive. Ugh, I’m such a woman.
– Note to self: never consult a life coach named Tibetitha. That dude was bo-ring. His scenes took way too long.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Except for the date itself, I enjoyed this episode. I’m a sucker for happy endings: 7,5.

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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