Gossip Girl 6×04: Georgina Sparks saves the day again!

Gossip Girl 6×04: Portrait of a Lady Alexander

Think happy thoughts GG fans: only five episodes left before we finally see Chuck and Blair get married in the finale!

1. What just happened?!
Okay, I’m trying to stay positive… this episode was better than the previous one. Although that was easy. Even Steven and Sage were not horrible this week (how is that possible?!). Nate on the other hand is walking in a Bart Bass trap and getting in even bigger problems than his dad (the Captain) once did. Why does nobody wonder why someone so young and with out a college degree can run a magazine? Guys like that are happy to get an internship were they can do coffee runs. Chuck and Blair join forces to find Lady Alexander, which turns out to be a horse. But after digging a little deeper they find something very illegal. Serena and Steven’s big problem this week is their past, to be precise their past relationships and flings. They almost tell each other everything (Serena skips the part about the video she made of her and Dan). But Ivy (with help from Nate) goes all Gossip Girl at the Spectator, and it turns out Steven slept with Lily and Serena. Shocker! It may be kind of gross, but Serena isn’t that much older than Sage, so you could say that Steven sleeping with Serena is more gross because at least Lily was around his own age. By the way, did everyone get the mention about Lily’s past husbands and Eric keeping his mom posted about Gossip Girl? We know the latter is no coincidence because we are going to see Eric in the finale, so I’m hoping Lily and Rufus are going to be okay too. And lets not forgot the best thing Gossip Girl has going this season: Georgina bossing Dan around! The most fun scenes to watch are the ones that Georgina appears. This week she tries to find a fitting girlfriend for her protege (and steals S+D’s video from Serena!). Dan on the other hand seems very lost. He goes from being a douche to being an writing outsider in a few minutes. Luckily there is a girl who keeps him down to earth: Blair. Being homeless, he knocks on her door for help and she lets him stay! Okay don’t get too excited Dair fans, this is the only thing you are going to get.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Dan and Georgina are still going strong. Dan: “Are they making any comparisons to historical literary figures?” Georgina’s response: “Perez Hilton.” Lets not forget the part when Serena walks in during the interviews and asks if Georgina works there now. Georgina says: “As if. I’m pimping out celebutantes for Dan to have sex with. If you’re interested, you can, uh, get in line.” But the winner is the dialog between Georgina and Dan when they try to pick out his new girlfriend. Especially the one about the pills!

Georgina: “So who’s it gonna be? Personally, I think Melissa has the better face for photos, but Natasha is a Coppola, and that does come with a certain cachet.”
Dan: “Well, I have to choose now?”
Georgina: “Obviously.”
Dan: “But can’t it wait? I mean, I’m… I’m… I’m exhausted.”
Georgina: “Oh, suck it up, Humphrey. They have pills for that. These girls are perfect. They all come from great neighborhoods, have very high I.Qs, and dress in designer labels. They meet all of our requirements.”
Dan: “This just isn’t me. These girls might be perfect on paper, but they’re not who I’m looking for.”
Georgina: “Who you’re… since when are you looking for anybody? Don’t go soft on me now, Humphrey. Finding true love was never part of our deal.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Everything out of Georgina’s mouth. Can Michelle Trachtenberg get her own show on The CW? They finally found a great part for Katie Cassidy (Laurel on Arrow and once Juliet on Gossip Girl), so why couldn’t be possible for Michelle?!
+ Georgina stealing the video from Serena. She is kind of brilliant.
+ Serena and Sage finding some common ground. It was nice to see them laugh together about calling Lily a grandma.
+ Lily not running away from Chuck when Bart demands it. Good to see she still have some backbone left.
+ Blair’s “I’m on a mission” outfit on the equestrian event, when everybody was wearing a dress. Although she loses points for that ridiculous green outfit in the final scene.
+ Serena talking to Dan that he really turned into an ass. It seems like it woke him up, because…
+ Dan went to Blair’s. I hope he gets himself together a little bit around her.
– Serena and Blair still avoiding each other. I hope they make up very soon (which means not in the final episode)!
– Nate why are you doing stupid things? You hated your father for that!
– Rufus letting Ivy go through his stuff. I hope Jenny shows up in a few episodes and kicks that con artist to the curb! Little J was once Blair’s protege so she knows how to step up.
– Ivy is a little bit too disappointed by Rufus throwing out all the boxes before she can check them. Her getting back at Lily because Lola can’t do it herself is getting really lame.
– I know the equestrian world and that event was just ridiculous… the obstacles were for little ponies, not full grown horses who are competing on an supposedly high level.
– Battle of the Basses: Zzz… ow wait, they finally found something! Blair and Chuck only need to make it work.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Hopefully Gossip Girl really gets back into the saddle itself next week: 6,5.


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