Revenge 2×06: Can you spot the wedding cake knife in someone’s back?

Revenge 2×06: Illusion

Yuck, the Initiative storyline continues…

1. What just happened?!
Of course that wasn’t the only thing that happened (Victoria & Conrad remarried), but I just hate this storyline. It’s so Prison Break-y, only the Company is now called the Initiative. The storylines are getting crazier by the minute (and sometimes not in good way). The show is all over the place with everyone getting revenge on someone. Sigh. Okay this week on Revenge: Victoria and Conrad remarry, only Charlotte is smart enough to ditch this PR stunt (and declare her love to Declan, you go girl!). Faux-manda deals with the nosey Treadwell. Jack reopens the bar with the help of daddy Teen Wolf (okay he’s got a name: Kenny Ryan). Kara is creeping around the Grayson Manor, Jack’s bar and the beach. Emily sets a big plan in motion to frame Conrad for the murder of the white-haired man and to get Treadwell of her back for good. Aiden is still staying close to Daniel (I’m not sure why anymore). Daniel tries to work his way up in the company. Looks like Nolan is back on track and helping Emily. And Emily? She rocked another gorgeous red dress at the Grayson wedding. Yay!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Nolan doesn’t have to say much to be funny. When walking with Padma to their seats he says: “Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.” and when he greets Emily and Aiden he says: “Mm, Ems. Mr. Bond.” Totally agree on the Bond comment, with the British accent Aiden is just really James Bond.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Victoria’s constant jokes about bailing on marrying Conrad.
+ The dresses of Victoria and Emily at the wedding were stunning again. The show has a great wardrobe department.
+ I actually liked that Treadwell catched that juvie comment about Emily. It’s going to bring some great dynamic to this season, I think.
+ It was kind of sweet that Jack proposed to Faux-manda. Sad thing is she has been lying to him all the time and that will break his heart eventually.
+ Declan and Charlotte. They are so cute! Glad to see them happy again.
+/- The storylines suck sometimes (Conrad getting help from the Initiative and Kara Clarke in general for instance), but the acting is still very good.
– Does Ashley also have an agenda? Or is she just jealous of Emily? She starts to act weirder every episode and I don’t like that Aiden had doubts about her (because he is probably going to be right).
– Daddy Teen Wolf/Kenny Ryan is really annoying with his comments on Declan and faking that he relates to Declan’s problems. Why isn’t Nolan around to help out Jack (and Declan)?!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It wasn’t a really great episode of Revenge. Lets hope Emily and the other Revenge-ies really steps up their game next week. 6,5/7


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