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Weekly round-up: law, love and lack of episodes

Stills and pictures of The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Gossip Girl, Suburgatory, Revenge, Kodaline, David Gray, The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson

A slightly calmer week it was, since most shows were on a short break. Rumor has it, it’s got something to do with some huge political event… I don’t know, probably important. (But in all seriousness: four more years, yay!) If you missed a few of our articles because of it, no biggies bro. Just remove your ‘I voted’ sticker from your eye lids and click on the links below. Not only did we write about shows that did air, we also listed some awesome autumn audio (triple alliteration score!)

The Vampire Diaries 4×05: Watch out, there are killers on the loose! – 8,5
Modern Family 4×07: You have the right to consult an environmental lawyer – 7,5
Glee 4×05: Born to hand jive baby – 7,5
Revenge 2×06: Can you spot the wedding cake knife in someone’s back? – 6,5/7
Gossip Girl 6×04: Georgina Sparks saves the day again! – 6,5
Suburgatory 2×04: You’re number one! – 6/6,5

Must listen: 3 songs for a rainy autumn day

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