Gossip Girl 6×05: Revealing secrets and reconnecting friendships

Gossip Girl 6×05: Monstrous Ball

Don’t we all love Cotillion?!

1. What just happened?!
It’s time for Cotillion. This time it’s Sage her turn and Nate’s third (according to Chuck). Good old times and it wouldn’t be Gossip Girl if this was accompanied by some black and white images. If you looked close enough you saw some footage from season one in the montage! Our core characters had such a great Cotillion… sight. Back to the episode: Steven acts a bit distracted, something that Serena isn’t used to (because who would want to ignore her?!). She plays detective for two seconds and finds a big rock. A proposal is on the way. When Sage finds out she confronts her dad, who decides to propose to Serena the same night at Cotillion. Kind of stupid, because isn’t the evening supposed to be about Sage big introduction into society?! He totally steals her thunder. In the meantime Sage confides in Blair and they come up with a plan to delay the proposal. Also Sage agrees to wear another B. Waldorf design. During Cotillion Dan tries to win Blair back. But Sage went rogue and reveals Serena and Dan’s tape. Bye bye Blair and bye bye proposal. Seems that our season one couple Derena is starting to reconnect over hamburgers and fries (just like Thanksgiving season 1).

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
There were a few. Blair noticing that the time she and Serena ruled the UES teenage world are long gone: “Unfortunately, kids today are not like we were. They’re unpredictable and alliance-free. There is no line they won’t cross.” Blair to Serena about delaying the proposal: “Well, I would never try to take away your happiness. Well, at least not permanently.” Let’s not forget Georgina: “Do you know how many hours I’ve spent searching for you? I hate it when you play hard-to-get.” Chuck response to Nate about going to Cotillion: “Right. I hope your third time coming out is finally a charm.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Serena and Blair talking about S proposal was nice. It really looked like they were friends again for a few seconds. (Stop torturing us, writers!)
+ Glad the S+D tape got out. Now everyone can move past it and forward to the Chair and Derena weddings.
+ Nate coming out for the third time. Haha! He is such a rich boy.
+ Dorota calling Sage dress a sex dress. So true. Missed Dorota’s judging comments.
+ Blair forgot Aaron Rose in Serena’s list of exes. Haha, I think the writers really like to forget that character too.
+ Really liked that Serena and Dan ended up together at the end of the episode (and I’m glad the proposal was off). Those diner scenes between them were always fun. I hope they get back together as a couple. It seems that rooting for Rufus and Lily is hopeless these days.
+ Dan’s hair looked better this episode. I think everyone (expect Sage) cleaned up nicely!
– Does anyone believe Serena cooks?! The Van Der Woodsens always had maids. The only thing she probably can make is waffles, because Rufus and Dan taught her. So out of character…
– Georgina pretended to be Gossip Girl and hide a laptop… and now her phone got stolen by a simple run-in with Sage? Unbelievable…
– Eleanor is right, the dress was awful again. It didn’t even fit nicely around Sage skinny frame. Even Jenny Humprey could do better. OMG a thought just occurred to me: what if Jenny comes back to work at Waldorf designs?! That would be so much fun. Blair reuniting with her best minion to date.
– Wear a bra, Ivy!
– Battle of the Basses: why is this storyline still going on?! I hate seeing Blair waiting for her happy ending with Chuck.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
A lot of throwbacks to the past (seasons) and an event where the attendance of our core cast wasn’t a weird setup. I’m a sucker for nostalgic stuff: 7/7,5.


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