Revenge 2×07: It’s all in the details

Revenge 2×07: Exposure

The mission is back on track (and so is Revenge)!

1. What just happened?!
This week we moved forward with my favorite storyline: Emily avenging her father’s death. Still she had to deal with a lot of collatoral damage because too many characters know (part of) her plans, but this episode was great! Think “Tyler walking around with a gun on Daniel’s birthday party in season 1” great. Thank you writers! To sum it up quickly: Mason knows about the shared juvie and guesses the girls had a relationship. Faux-manda panics and tries to kill Mason by smashing in another head. This time Emily is right on time to stop her and tells her to go back to her family to realize her dreams. Emily sees that Treadwell knows too much already and reveals to Mason that she is the actual Amanda Clarke (and thus the brain of the operation and not a stalker). SHOCKER! In the meantime Nolan helps Emily out again like old times. Later we know that his job was to frame Treadwell for the murder of the white-haired man. But that wasn’t the only thing he did: he gave Aiden the prove of David Clarke’s investment in his company. Which means he gives the Graysons a 51% share in his company. Poor Nolan! Also Kara Clarke really loses it and goes after the Graysons. She actually has them at gun point when Aiden saves the day. Aiden and Emily send Kara off to the sunshine and make her promise to stay away (thankfully). In the end Aiden checks in on Emily after her rough day and they kiss! Oh, I almost forgot: hot uncle Cooper from One Tree Hill enters the town as the brother of daddy Teen Wolf (Kenny Ryan). His name? Nate! This can not be a coincidence, right?!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
The words we all have wanted to hear for one and a half season of course! Loved Emily’s reaction when Mason finally figured it out. Although the location joke in the beginning of the episode was funny too (and choosing this house because of it’s location is actually true).

Mason Treadwell: “So I was right. You really are the brains in this Machiavellian scheme.”
Emily/the real Amanda: “You were this close, Mason. But you missed the one thing that’s been right under your nose the whole time. She’s not Amanda Clarke.”
Mason Treadwell: “You are.”
Emily/the real Amanda: “Hmm.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ (read: +++++) Emily revealing her true identity to Mason Treadwell. It was time that someone knew the truth (besides Nolan, Aiden and Faux-manda). Never expected it to be Treadwell who would be the first to know. My bet was always on one of Emily’s love interest or her little sis Charlotte. Also really liked how she ended up protecting her secret again. She really is the brains!
+ The vocabulary of Mason Treadwell (Machiavellian scheme, felonious sapphic blondes, salacious tale). There are just so many details in his sentences. The writers did an amazing job on this character.
+ Conrad and Victoria genuinely touching each others hands in their final minutes. Although they are mean and awful people sometimes, in that moment you just had to fell sorry for them. I think they really didn’t know what they were getting into when they first met the Initiative.
+ Kara Clarke leaving the Hamptons. I’m glad she is gone. I think it’s time that Emily moves forward with her plans for her actual caring parent.
+ Nolan telling Emily that they are family. Awwww! Sorry for the fans who would like them to see interact romantically, but I like their brother and sister vibe. Plus it was really brave of him to give his majority part of the company to the Graysons to protect Emily.
+ Aiden being there for Emily during this episode. Grabbing her hand during breakfast and that kiss in the end. It was about time that we saw Emily romantically involved again. Maybe Ashley will drop her suspicions then.
– Danny Boy taking over the company is still not very believable. Can someone remind him of the young (and drunk) poet he once was? He was so much more likeable back then.
– Ashley is still being fishy. Not good.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Again, it was great. But I think the writers have more up their sleeve for us (something with a sinking ship)! So it’s an 8,5/9.


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