Glee 4×06: Glease is the word!

Glee 4×06: Glease

Got your tickets? Glease the musical, in theaters on tv this week.

1. What just happened?!
It’s time the glee club performs Grease the musical. But before that, there’s a bunch of stuff happening (No sheet Sherlock, it’s Glee!)

Marley doesn’t fit into her Sandy dress, again. Not knowing it is Kitty who secretly sews the dress tighter, she starts to worry she might become her mom’s size. Kitty gets into her head, which eventually leads to Marley sticking her fingers down her throat. If it wasn’t for ‘Finn 2.0’ Ryder…
Wade/Unique’s parents pull their son out of the play for his safety, which means a last minute search for another Rizzo. And, Santana is back! (Guess you can now guess who took over the mean girl role)

Mr. Shue announces to the group he will be leaving soon (hold your gasps, it’s not forever) and Finn will be taking over glee club temporarily. Finn seems to have found his role as the glee club leader. I mean, look at him, all teacher-ed up in a suit and tie! Too bad Sue keeps dragging Will and Finn into Mr. Figgin’s office and has one of her scream-and-throw-break downs again. The Sue-Glee club war continues.

Meanwhile, in the big apple, Rachel gloats about her first off broadway play audition. She suggests to her teacher Cassandra to “get back in the game” and audition too. Bad idea! Rachel and Kurt travel back to William McKinley High to see the musical and find some closure. Which they do. But never lose your New York sweetheart out of sight, Rachel.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Brittany: “You can eat Kleenex, they taste like clouds.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
– Let’s put it nicely: not a fan of the Greased Lightning scene. Except the fact that I can’t contain myself as it comes to joining in on the dance, Finn was just right at the end. “Now let’s try it again with, like, double the energy”. Something was just off.
+/- Kitty’s version of Sandra Dee was nice, maybe a tad too over the top.
+ The Beauty School Drop-out rendition was great! Cannot go wrong with Darren Criss. Also, Sugar forward slash Vanessa looked so much like Didi Conn!
+ The worst thing I could do is dislike how they combined Santana, Wade and Cassandra in that one song. The three of them sounded awesome, especially together.
+ I’m starting to like the Marley character, regardless the fact she is annoyingly naïve around Kitty. Together with the rest of the Glee newsies she really rocked the end performance (go brunette Sandy!). Incorporating the old cast into the song was a great idea. A good way of finding some closure as I’m guessing Rachel and Kurt aren’t the only ones looking for that, right Finchel fans? The flashback was endearing, as well as the scenes between our two used-to-be-favorite couples. Now let’s really continue on those fresh new stories already!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
I’ll leave you with a 7,5 as I pop in my Grease dvd right now.

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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