Hart of Dixie 2×06: Bluebell rocks the vote

Hart of Dixie 2×06: I Walk the Line

And the new president mayor of Bluebell is Lavon Hayes!

1. What just happened?!
It’s election time in Bluebell, for real this time. There is only one debate to go and then it’s time to vote. Lavon totally messes up the debate by flirting with Ruby. So there is a lot of work to do in the final hours of the election to make sure that mayor Hayes stays mayor Hayes. But that isn’t the only drama this week. There are a lot of troubles in the romance department in Bluebell. Lemon finally tells Annabeth about her feelings for Lavon. When Lavon talks to Wade, he realizes that he has feelings for Ruby. Brick is agitated about a distant Emily. Wade has another run in with his ex-wife Tansy and George can’t believe that his new girlfriend doesn’t believe in voting. The only problem for Wade and Zoe this week is Lemon noticing that Zoe wears Wade’s shirt. In the end Lavon doesn’t only win the election by one vote, but also wins the heart of the woman he loves (and luckily for him Ruby was flirting too). Poor Lemon sees her man (yet again) run into the arms of another woman. Brick had nothing to worry about, because Emily was working really hard to spend more time with him. George breaks up with his girlfriend (because she voted for Ruby and they are just clearly not meant to be together) and connects with Wade’s ex-wife Tansy! In the meantime Wade looks very happy surrounded by candlelights with George’s endgame Zoe. Sight.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
The whole dialog right before the debate between Lemon, Annabeth and Lavon was hilarious. It was just like a football peptalk. But Annabeth stole the show: “Yeah, punch her in the neck. You hook in and ground and pound. (Grunts) I’ve been watching mixed martial arts. I’m not proud of it.” Her reaction to the debate was also great: “Am I the only one that needs a cigarette after that?”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Zoe and Wade look so happy together. They are so adorable! It was clear that Wade had trouble lying to Lemon when she confronted Zoe about wearing Wade’s shirt.
+ Zoe stepping up for the Breelands. It was nice to see her give Brick some guidance. The oldest person in the room isn’t always the wisest.
+ Annabeth being there for her friend. She had some feelings for Lavon too, but put them aside quickly when she realized they weren’t as big as the one of her best friend.
+ The ridiculous town rules when there was a tie in the election. It was totally appropriate for Bluebell and Annabeth and Lemon made a few really good jokes about it!
+/- Although it’s very wrong of George to expect that the beer delivery girl had the same opinions as him, I didn’t really like the combo. So I’m glad that he connected with Tansy this episode. She is always a fun character to have around in Bluebell.
– Ruby sticking around. Or worse people voting for Ruby. If you really love Bluebell that much you don’t plan to run away if you lose the election. You would stay and try to make a difference another way (and I don’t mean shagging the mayor). Ugh.
– Poor Lemon, not having any luck in the romance department. Hopefully Lavon realizes quickly that he didn’t pursue the right girl.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
This week’s episode was fun to watch, but it wasn’t outstanding. So I’m going with a 7,5.

What are your thoughts on this week romantic developments?


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