New Girl 2×07: Sometimes you just have an off-day

New Girl 2×07: Menzies

You can’t blame everything on PMS! It’s just human nature and they are called emotions.

1. What just happened?!
It was bound to happen: an episode about PMS. Of course very exaggerated. But that wasn’t the weirdest thing happening this week. Nick met an Asian guy in the park and started talking about his angry issues with him. Although you can barely speak of a conversation, because the only thing the guy did was smile. We saw Schmidt hanging out with his new friends Cece and Robby. Plus he and his boss started some “50 Shades of Grey” kind of relationship. Winston on the other hand felt very miserable. Not because of a male version of PMS, but because of his break-up with Shelby. At the end of the episode Jess finally got it together and found a new teaching job.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Almost everything Jess said about PMS: “No! PMS is mine! Stop stealing my stuff, Winston.” and “It feels like a fat man’s sitting on my uterus.” Plus words like “menzies” and “the red devil”. Jess also had a nice line for Schmidt about turning of the hot water: “You don’t control my heat, Theodore P. Gasbag.” Plus Schmidt saying “Thank you, Denise.” during the whole scene in the kitchen was very hilarious too.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Addressing grown up stuff like paying for rent and hot water. But still in a fun New Girl kind of way.
+ Winston faking the PMS thing, because a guy doesn’t like admitting that he misses his ex. His whole outfit was funny!
+ Schmidt and Cece kissing! Wow it didn’t take long for that to happen.
+ The last scene was typical New Girl. Haha. So much fun to see them jumping on “Jump Around”.
+/- The Asian guy storyline. The jumping at the bench was fun and parts of the swimming pool stuff, but as a whole it was just weird. Too weird. Please give Nick a better storyline (and mostly lasting for more than one episode).
+/- I’m not sure if I liked the PMS stuff very much. The way Jess described it was funny. And sometimes when you have an off-day and have PMS at the same time you just want to stay in, but to blame everything on it? That’s your mindset, not your period.
– Schmidt’s “50 Shades of Grey” storyline. Like Georgina Sparks once said on Gossip Girl: 50 Shades of Boring.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
There was just too much weirdness going on this week (and storylines that last just one week). Sorry New Girl, it’s an 6,5 again.


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