Suburgatory 2×05: What?? I can’t hear you!

Suburgatory 2×05: The Wishbone

Sound problems during Suburgatory’s most heartfelt episode so far.

1. What just happened?!
Thanksgiving is in a few days and Tessa is invited by her grandmother to celebrate it with her AND her mother Alex. How scary and exciting, Tessa meeting her mom for the first time! But how on earth is she going to break the news to George?

George actually shows how much of a good father he is, when he swallows his own doubts and feelings for his daughter’s happiness. He lets her go to New York, where she’s bound to find out her mother isn’t there.

Dallas and Dalia change their party plans as soon as they hear Tessa won’t be joining the Thanksgiving festivities this year. For George’s sake they throw a small party with family and friends… and chef. But wait, who invited Alex there? Uh ladies and gentlemen, there seems to be a tiny mix up there. Will Tessa and Alex have a chance to meet each other? By the photo in this article, I’m guessing……yes!

In the meantime at the Shay residence Sheila and Fred get a little too close to Malik after Lisa’s taste.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Dalia to chef Alan: “This year’s Thanksgiving is gonna have a Caribbean theme, so I’m gonna need you to use the word “mon” a lot. For instance, ‘sorry me mashed up potatoes be so clumpy, mon’. I also don’t need to remind you that I’m severely allergic to anything nasty. So all the food you cook should be good-tasting or not nasty when at all possible.” Chef Alan: “All right is there anything else before I start shopping?” Dallas: “Alan, you’re fired!” Dalia: “Mommy, he didn’t mess up yet.” Dallas: “This isn’t performance-related, it’s George Altman-related. Boo got bad news, Tessa isn’t gonna be here for Thanksgiving.” Dalia: “You said bad news.” Dallas: “George is thinking about skipping the holiday altogether. We need to rally around him, Dalia. Start our own tradition.” Alan: “Of firing loyal employees?” Dallas: “Alan, hush.”
– Lisa: “Hey, some people are trying to shuck here.”
– Sheila: “Well, look at his pile! He’s the T.I. of green beans.”
– Dallas: “Noah.” Noah: “Gobble gobble Dallas!” Dallas: “Oh, yes, absolutely, gobble gobble to you and yours.”
– Sheila: “Please don’t feel uncomfortable. You’ll notice my eyes are locked on yours.” Malik: “I see that.” Sheila: “I would also like to assure you that I am very comfortable with the human form. I once took a life drawing class where we sketched nude models, one of whom happened to be Armenian.” Malik: “And I want you to know that I have a female pediatrician who’s about your age and also white, so I’m completely comfortable.” Sheila: “I once worked as a counselor at a summer camp where I had to perform biweekly tick checks, and I can assure you I was quite thorough. I saw everything.” Malik: “I was born naked.” Sheila: “Terrific. Then I think we’ve navigated this quite nicely.”
– Alex: “Hi group of people I don’t know standing in a semi-circle judging me.”
– Ryan: “I’m sorry about the wish bone dad. I just really need it for something important I’m trying to do this year.” Fred: “Mm?” Ryan: “I want to make love to our neighbor.” Fred: “Paul Biederman?”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
– What happened to you mr. or mrs. sound mix engineer? Somehow all the background music was not so much in the background this week. A lot of the dialogues were hard to hear over such loud music. I twitter searched. It’s not just me. Oops!
+ Wooh…an episode of Suburgatory…with feelings and stuff. It was nice to have an episode less over the top for a change. In the past it’s appeared to be quite difficult balancing the Shays between funny and absolutely coocoo. This week I found them very funny. The end of the episode was actually heartbreaking, with George sitting on the stairs hearing Alex and Tessa laugh, Lisa crying over the break-up and Ryan giving her the wishbone. Major awww-moment. It’s not that I want Suburgatory to become super serious or something, but a little more of what we had this week would be nice.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Condoning the bad sound mix, since this was one of Suburgatory’s best episodes in my opinion: 8,5.

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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