Glee 4×07: Superglee!

Glee 4×07: Dynamic Duets

Is it a bird? NO! It’s superglee!

1. What just happened?!
Stop the presses, there seems to be a Nationals trophy missing. The new captain of the Warblers took it, so Blaine pays a visit to his ex-classmates to get the trophy back. Too bad the Warblers have a different plan. No more needed than a jacket and impromptu song to get Blaine from mad to bad. (Cause considering leaving the Glee club is bad Blaine, just bad)

Marley is busy being stuck in a love triangle with Ryder and Jake. Two popular guys fighting over you, oy it’s such a hard knock life for new girl Marley (!). Notwithstanding the fact she is still very self-conscious about her weight. I was worried we didn’t entirely solve that last week… Kitty is being nice to Marley, in her own horribly mean way.

No no. Copying the vest and hand gestures don’t do it, Finn. Seems like our Glee club oldie has some troubles finding the respect a teacher normally gets. In preparation for sectionals he is searching for the right assignments. After coming up with a successfull theme, pairing up Kitty with Marley and Ryder with Jake, solving the endless predictable fights between the last two and even helping Ryder with a problem, the group acknowledges him as the new Mr. Shue. Ironically after losing the vest.

Oh yeah. And everyone was wearing Superman costumes during all the above. Which was super weird.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Artie: “Isn’t MS a degenerative nerve disease?” Finn: “I thought it was a girls magazine.”
– Finn: “Enough! Clearly you did not take anything from my last assignment so I’m gonna give you a new one.” Jake: “Will it also be lame?” Finn: “Ignoring you.”
– Finn: “Only by admitting your weaknesses can you realize your strengths.” Ryder: “You sound like Yoda, dude.” Finn: “Deal do we have?”
– Blaine: “And you need a team that’s gonna gel.” Finn: “Yes absolutely we need a team with a lot of gel. And you’re like the biggest part of that.”
– Brittany: “You guys, I don’t smell raspberry hair gel. Does anybody know where Blaine Warbler is?”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Becky dressed up as Queen B(ee). Spotted, subtle Gossip Girl reference? Xoxo.
+/- My apologies to all Warbler fans, but something about a group of guys in the age of twenty-something doing a very synchronized *N Sync-ish choreography in way too sophisticated costumes, gives me chivers. It was a good song though.
+/- It’s not like the two-guys-fighting-over-one-girl hasn’t been done before. Kind of cheesy performance of the R.E.M. song but Jacob and Blake’s voices mix very well. More of that please.
– The superman costumes were just too silly for me. Sure it eventually had some deeper meaning and all, and it must have been lots of fun shooting for the cast, but deep down inside I had a feeling that the costumes had to make up for the lack of exciting and thrilling story lines this week.
+ SOME NIGHTS. Yay. Normally I don’t find the jeans-and-red-shirt performances that noticeable, but this song oozes good energy. I liked the Glee version as well.

Some extra points:
> I read some notes online about Kitty and her two fingers trick. How bullying a young girl into physically harming herself and acting like it’s not a big deal, is not appropriate for an all age show. As I suspect (or hope) that most viewers already know the importance of the issue and I’m pretty sure the writers will emphasize the importance later on, I think it’ll be all right. It’s an interesting discussion though. What do you think?
> Kitty’s character seems to evoke more discussion as some find her character too mean and cold. Compared to Quinn and Santana, who also started of as the typical mean girls, the new cheerio shows no heart or whatsoever at all. I quote the interwebs: “At least Quinn and Santana secretly liked Glee club.” How important is it for a character to be likeable? Do we always need a feeling of sympathy or resemblance to like a character? Even the ones that are supposed to be mean? Personally I like Kitty’s harsh but really funny lines so far. And Becca definitely can sing and dance. I guess disliking the mean girl is actually nothing but a compliment. Plus: I have no choice but to respect a girl that can do a split wearing high heels and a catwoman suit.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was ok: 6,5

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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