Hart of Dixie 2×07: Romantic gestures and magic feathers

Hart of Dixie 2×07: Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me

Winning the gold medal in the romance department is a tough job sometimes.

1. What just happened?!
The star of the football team Max has a crush on Zoe and he expresses that in big ways: a flashmob, a ton of flowers, a date with a corsage and almost holding hands. Two problems for Zoe (or actually three if you count the inappropriate age difference): her friend Rose likes him and the town doesn’t want her to break his heart because there is a big game coming up and Max finally got his groove back. In the meantime Lavon and Ruby try to go steady, but her grandfather doesn’t approve. Annabeth started a catering business without asking Lemon to join her (like they always plannend). But her first job for George almost falls to pieces when he adds more people to the guest list and he asks Lemon to help her (or him if she doesn’t want Annabeth to know) out. Plus Zoe hopes for some romance (from Wade or someone with an appropriate age). And we have another Olympic guest star on the CW: McKayla Maroney.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
There were a few nice quotes this episode. For instance the opening scene with Zoe and Wade. Zoe: “How did evolution manage to skip Bluebell entirely?” Wade: “Well, it happens. We also missed out on Bieber fever.” Also loved Zoe’s rant against Brick: “Rose, you got that calendar open… what year does it say? Bunch of neanderthals, you know? Maybe I don’t need romance, but a little respect, even a little courtesy. Would that kill anybody? No.” Plus the one about her wardrobe: “First, I did not ‘prance’, I am not a show pony. Second, my wardrobe is stylish, yet professional. Right, Rose? Tell him.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ The flashmob was cute. However it’s impossible to arrange such a thing in a couple of hours, but still: it xwas very fun to watch and very Bluebellian.
+ Lemon still using George leaving her at the altar in her advantage (you go girl): “Which is why we need you to draw up the business agreement… For free, of course, since you left me at the altar and all.”
+ Loved Lemon’s outfit in that scene! It was still very her, but with a little bit more edge to it.
+ I liked the whole storyline of the girls. Everyone has quirrels with their friends sometimes, but it’s nice to see them work it out in the end. Hopefully it means a more permanent part for Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black).
+ Zoe talking sense into Max. Nice reference to Dumbo too!
+ Wade asking Wanda for advice in the romance department and then making the cookies he ate for Zoe. It was very sweet. Zade looks so promising as a couple in those scenes.
– Still not liking Ruby. I think (and hope) that she is going to run away soon, because I think she isn’t the one who is going to settle in a small town like Bluebell.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was a solid episode with nothing really special going on. So it’s a 7/7,5 this week. PS: Can Ruby please leave town soon? I’m joining Zoe on the cold shoulder thing! Plus I would like to see Zoe and Wade going public, because handing over lingerie in the Rammer Jammer shouldn’t go unnoticed (I’m looking at you Dash DeWitt)!

What do you think of the Ruby and Lavon storyline and the other stuff on this week’s episode?


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