Revenge 2×08: The start of the never ending journey

Revenge 2×08: Lineage

Most interesting story: the history of Victoria Grayson.

1. What just happened?!
We go back in time to November 2006 (including Thanksgiving dinners). Emily is working on her mission, but Takeda wants her to look into a Russian guy who made a girl called Colleen disappear. In the bar she meets Aiden for the first time, who turns out to be Colleen’s brother. He tries to avenge his sister, but he fails and needs Emily help to finish what he started. We also meet Ashley for the first time. She is trying out as a prostitute, but Emily saves her right one time. We are left to wonder if Ashley recognized Emily years later… There is also some backstory about Carl Porter and the father of daddy Teen Wolf and hot Uncle Cooper (a.k.a. the Ryan brothers). Seems like the Ryan’s are out on revenge, because their father got killed after he paraded the docks like the godfather. We also see Nolan Ross almost going public with Nolcorp and loosing his boyfriend (and C.F.O.) in the process because he gave half a billion dollars to the daughter of David Clarke. Plus we get to know Victoria’s mother Marion Harper and Victoria’s backstory. Her mother kicked Victoria out of the house when she was fifteen, because she couldn’t do her gold digging with Victoria around. That was after she forced Victoria to admit she killed a man, when her mother actually pulled the trigger. Time for some payback Mrs. Grayson thought and she stages a big plan to ruin her mother’s life, by hiring a guy to seduce and dump her right at the moment that her mother is out of money. In the end Victoria graciously kicks her mother to the curb. Also Daniel was being cute and naive in his poetry fase. In 2012 we see Emily and Aiden in bed together discussing how Takeda might set them up as a couple, Daniel calling Nolan’s ex with a business proposition about Nolcorp and Victoria and Conrad talking about protecting Daniel and wanting him to be the poet he could be.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Victoria’s mother calling her daughter “You vindictive bitch” and Victoria’s response “Oh, I learned from the best.” was great, but the most memorable is Daniel’s poem:

“We speak in hushed voices,
so as not to wake our memories,
the things we’ve done,
the things we’ll continue to do,
for fear of breaking the cycle,
how fierce we were when we were young,
when we were unafraid of coming unhinged.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ A nice flashback episode with interesting storyline (and a nice technique with the color filter). Plus this episode leads to a lot of questions! You can read them below.
+ Letting the viewers sympathize with Victoria. In a way you understand her better, but you can also see she fell for the same trap with her husband who tries to bend the truth in convient ways just like her mother did once.
+ The Porter and Ryan backstory, although it’s still a bit vague with the owning the dock stuff, the viewer finally gets Kenny Ryan’s motive to try ruining the Porters.
+/- The writers really make you root for Emily and Aiden, with the talk about being a changed person and leaving the girl from the past behind. We felt sorry for the girl from the past who couldn’t get Jack Porter last season, but nowadays it feels like this version of Amanda/Emily isn’t right for Jack anymore. Which makes the feeling sorry for her (about not having a chance with Jack) go away.
– When Emily showed Aiden her infinity box because he wasn’t going anywhere soon, I was like “Yeah right!”. I bet he is going to run of in two or three episodes (or maybe he sinks to the bottom of the ocean with The Amanda – the boat). Or I missed some casting news about the actor sticking around…

Things to think about:
> Takeda distracting Emily from her mission to find information about Colleen, but actually running into a not yet recruited Aiden and brother of Colleen worries me. Nothing is a coincidence on this show, so did Takeda want to create a new happy family for two unhappy persons or is his agenda shady too?
> Does Ashley recognize Emily from all those years ago? You could think Ashley would be grateful, but I think the writers will find a twist to make it revenge-y. The question is: what will that be? That video of her and Conrad in the new promo looks a bit too simple, although it turns her whole life around (not being the girlfriend of a rich Grayson etc.).
> “A journey with no end” worried me a bit. She’s never going to be done, so she is never going to be with Jack and actually live the life she deserved? You could be happy as a viewer, because that means she still be revenge-y when it’s the seventh season, but it still gave me a weird feeling.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
This week’s episode was a nice surprise! Because of all the questions which were raised – which only makes the story better – I’m going with an 8.

What are your thoughts on the new plot twists? Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “Revenge 2×08: The start of the never ending journey

  1. I don’t think I can ever completely feel sorry for Victoria. She’s so incredibly self-serving. I think the best we can ever hope for is to understand the things she does. She’s undoubtedly the meanest, bitchiest character on TV!

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