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Weekly round-up: Happy Thanksgiving (or not)

Stills from this week’s Gossip Girl, Glee, New Girl, Hart of Dixie and Go On

A belated gobble gobble to you and yours, dear US readers. Thanksgiving seemed to be the theme in some part of tv land this week as some shows took a little turkey day vacation and others included big turkey feasts. Not all of them though, apparently you can also wear superhero costumes or organize flash mobs instead…DING DONG. What is that? It’s the clock striking time to get a little Thanksgiving-y here at All That Cubeness? Well, since we’re very thankful of our readers we would like to reciprocate with a very exclusive week resume. A list that sums up all articles from monday till sunday. “Noooo, we do not do this every week, what makes you think that??” (But in all seriousness: thanks a bunch, readers! Now just sit, grab some left-over turkey and read what you have been missing the past days.)

P.S. To all the non-Thanksgiving celebrators: don’t feel left out, we’re in the same boat! Some left-over [fill in your dinner from yesterday] will do too.

Hart of Dixie 2×07: Romantic gestures and magic feathers – 7/7,5
Go On 1×09: The (W)Dinner Takes It All – 7
Gossip Girl 6×06: Second star to the right and straight on till morning – 6,5/7
Glee 4×07: Superglee! – 6,5
New Girl 2×08: Parent trap (the single daughter version) – 6,5

Next week on All That Cubeness
Besides updating our twitter, facebook and pinterest board, we’ll be updating the blog as well. (Right, big surprise isn’t it?) All shows return from their few days off or after-turkey nap, so there’ll be plenty shows to review again. Now let’s just hope they’ll be a little less mediocre than this week. We’ll see.


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