Gossip Girl 6×07: Long live Queen B

Gossip Girl 6×07: Save the Last Chance

Finally Blair’s brains and talent won from her scheming side. Now go get that man of yours, B!

1. What just happened?!
Blair is launching her B for Waldorf clothing line at a Barneys co-op pop-up shop. But she needs her target audience to show up (the reigning queens of the five private schools in Manhattan). These days they call themselves “Don” (like the Godfather) and really need a lesson in loyalty or two… Serena and Dan try to make amends with the people they hurted, before they take their rekindled relationship public. Ivy (with help from William Van Der Woodsen) blackmails Bart and Chuck to destroy Lily, but the lady herself reconnects with her former husband Rufus (as friends by the way!). Nate digs is own grave with the Spectator and transforms into Bart Bass’s puppet to stay away from jail.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Blair’s small breakdown after Nelly Yuki visited the atelier: “What if my line gets lost because I’m not in high school or that my dad’s not a Beatle?” Okay, Ivy complaining about Rufus’s waffles was kind of funny: “But if I eat another waffle, I’ll puke.” Nate talking about his two BFF’s: “That’s hilarious. I mean, who would’ve thought Chuck Bass turns out to be the good guy and Humphrey the villain?” Boy, that is the stuff you should write an expose about, because he’s actually right. Blair (again) trying to blackmail the reigning queens: “What? That’s how we did it in my day.” But I have to admit Sage may have had the best one when Blair asked her about the use of the nickname “Don” instead of Queen: “Well, everyone loves a crown, but when it comes to power, the mob totally trumps the monarchy.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Glad that B’s clothing line finally was a success, without some big scheme. We couldn’t see much of it, but it was clearly better than her fashion show debacle. It also means we can move on to the actual storyline we’ve all been waiting for.
+ It’s nice to see B + S being friends again, but it didn’t feel like old times just yet. S was clearly on a mission.
+ I did not see that plot twist of Dan coming (about writing a Serena chapter). It’s almost a miracle the writers can still surprise us. Although you could say that Serena shouldn’t be forgiven too easily for that tape, plus of course he couldn’t decline Vanity Fair of the UES’s favorite It-girl chapter.
+/- The Battle of the Basses was almost finished! Yeah! Only super stupid that Chuck makes the failure of his plan the reason not to be with Blair. Also there was finally some speed in the storyline, with the appearance of William VDW etc. Then again, it sucks that we are stuck with this storyline until the end of the season.
– I think it’s a bit strange that the Don’s didn’t show more respect to the founder of their special club. Maybe they should rewatch the Godfather again.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It’s almost shocking, but another okay (read: not so bad) episode of Gossip Girl. It’s a 7.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?


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