Go On 1×10: The game of love…game over?

Go On 1×10: Back, Back, Back, It’s Gone!

It’s time that Ryan gets back in the dating field again.

1. What just happened?!
Or well, at least that’s what Ryan thinks in the beginning of this episode. In the search for dating material, who knew a facebook profile update would do the trick so quickly? While meeting pretty, and young, and athletic women, Ryan realizes he is not so young and athletic anymore. Old rather. The kind where even mentioning Twilight does not help anymore. He hurts his back and hurts his back again. Then visits chiropractor Wyatt (also Lauren’s boyfriend) for a healing relationship and almost kisses Lauren. Oh oh!

George throws an I’m-not-dead-party and invites the whole group. And what a hoot that party was(!) Luckily George can prove perfectly on his own that age is just a number. But then, who cares about George when you can care about a cat? The group cat is lost and of course Sonia looks for it. She finds a helper in Danny while doing so.

Will Ryan find a new woman in his life? Is he ready for love? I’ll tell ya, Danny and Sonia are…

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Ryan: “No!” Mr. K: “Can I come? Ahh, well played.”
– Ryan: “I’m not old! Twilight, Twilight the movie!”
– George: “When you get older everyone thinks you’re wise. I’m not wise, I just talk slow.”
– Ryan: “I’m not ready to be with a woman, but I’m tired of being without one.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I liked how wing woman Carrie tagged along in Ryan’s dating adventures. It made the story so much more interesting than it would have been if Steven played that role. The snappy comments between the two are really funny and it never hurts to have a woman’s view on things (male reader comments in 3… 2… 1…). I definitely do not see the two as a romantic duo, although it would be quite more surprising than Ryan and Lauren ending up together. Thank god they didn’t travel that predictable road. (Secretly, I find it a pity as well but ssssshh.)
+ George’s life advice actually made a lot of sense for someone “not wise”. I like Ryan and George’s heart-to-heart moments. Old people are my weakness.
+ Is it me or did Fausta get a bit more feisty this week. I laughed at her ring tone and narcissism.
– Danny and Sonia lip locking?? Whaaaaat??
– This episode had a bunch of meaningless story lines. Let’s face it, it was all about Ryan taking a next step in his mourning process. The cat, party and chiropractor just filled in the extra time. All those smaller stories were a little rushed and didn’t come to their full potential, at least in my taste.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
I did not find this episode as interesting or funny as others. It’s because of the characters that episodes like this remain entertaining. If it weren’t for Matthew Perry and his colleagues I wouldn’t be giving a 7.

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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