Hart of Dixie 2×08: Cookies and brownies?! No, it’s just a crazy little thing called love

Hart of Dixie 2×08: Achy Breaky Hearts

Adventure is out there! To experience it, you just have to take the first step.

1. What just happened?!
This episode made me giggle! It was all about being in love with someone and having the third person of the triangle show up to make you nervous about being the right person for that special someone you’ve been fighting for. You have Zoe and Wade who are terrified that George finds out. Wade even goes on a Wilderness trip with the pastor and the Eagle Ranger to avoid him. George is persistent about asking a question to Wade and also volunteers. In the end we find out he only wants to ask Wade permission to date his ex-wife Tansy. Brick makes his daughter Magnolia and Emily spend time together, because he would like Emily to move in with them. Magnolia isn’t thrilled about that at all… Lemon tries to break up Lavon and Ruby, so she can have Lavon for herself. Lemon and Annabeth think they are spotting Ruby meeting another lover, but (with the help from Zoe) it turns out that he tries to convince Ruby to become the CEO for a company in Dallas. Lemon and Zoe use that to confront Lavon and a break up follows. But seeing Lavon this heartbroken, makes them feel guilty and they do everything in their power to solve it. Ruby is a difficult to convince and she decides to try it with Lavon till January. If it doesn’t work out she can still take the job and if it does, they have a lot of thinking to do. It also seems that Wade is worried about being a placeholder for Zoe before she can be with George. George advice is to talk about it with her. When Wade tries that he sees Zoe’s disappointment about George being okay with them, so he walks out. Trouble in paradise for our favorite (casual) couple.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
There were so many! The writing has been so witty this season! For instance Wade to Zoe (after she crawled behind his bed because George walked in): “You, uh, you find anything interesting back there… m-my socks, your dignity?” 

Or Lemon and Annabeth talking about business school. Annabeth: “Lemon, did you go to business school when I wasn’t looking?” Lemon: “If you subscribe to the right magazines, you don’t have to go to business school.” And after they see Ruby with another man. Annabeth: “Lemon, this is not our business. You do not do anything crazy.” Lemon’s response: “Do I ever?” (Yes, you do Lemon.)

When Lemon asks Zoe to find out who the strange man is who talked to Ruby, so that they can break up Lavon and Ruby, Zoe asks to Lemon: “In your head, what would qualify as a scheme?”

Plus Wade trying to explain to a little boy about casual dating Zoe. “Well… It’s, uh… it’s complicated. All right? George Tucker… he suspects that I have something he believes he should have. And, uh, well, if he found out that I do, in fact, have it, well, he’d be upset.” Connor (the Eagle Ranger): “What do you have?” Wade: “Well, uh… it’s a, uh… it’s a cookie. See-see, George thinks I took his cookie, but brother, that cookie wasn’t his to begin with. All right? That was a… that was a… free-range cookie, and I have zero interest, no interest at all into entering into any kind of cookie negotiations with him, all right? Zero.”

Zoe denying that she spied on Ruby for Lavon: “Oh, no, I don’t spy. I’m a doctor. I treat, I heal… I mend.” (Including a great hand movement.)

Lemon to Zoe after her rant about fixing Lavon’s relationship: “Okay, that is too many words in a row. Just take a breath, Zoe.” It’s so true. Talking super fast is Rachel Bilson’s trademark! Plus when Zoe asks Lemon how can she say that they would break up anyway, Lemon respons with: “Sometimes I open my mouth and the truth, it just comes out.”

Magnolia to Brick after hearing about his break up with Emily: “You want to hear about all the other fish in the sea?” Brick’s reaction: “Nobody wants to hear that.” So true!

But I think the winner of tonight is Zoe and Lemon’s talk to Lavon about famous couples (including Lemon slitting her throat during Zoe’s speech). Here it is! Zoe: “No! You are wrong. All great relationships start with a murky future. And all the perfect relationships where people think they’re going to be together forever, they explode. Romeo and Juliet? Dead. Antony and Cleopatra? Dead. Kristen and Rob? Splitsville. No one knows what’s gonna happen. The future is a mystery. The only relationships guaranteed to fail are the ones we don’t chase.” Lemon: “Rob and Kristen are back together, but her point still applies.” Zoe: “Shh.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Wade worrying about George finding out about him and Zoe and then George actually knowing what has been going on for awhile was hilarious. (Plus it’s nice that someone finally noticed that Wade didn’t try to hook up with every girl who visited the Rammer Jammer anymore… because that’s a big change!)
+ Annabeth and Lemon hiding behind the bushes was just hilarious. They have such a fun friendship. I can’t resist: here is a screenshot from the scene!

Annabeth and Lemon

+ Connor (the Eagle Ranger boy who wasn’t participating) was a nice kid. It was great how Wade handled the whole situation and got him to participate and show his talents to his friends so that he doesn’t feel left out anymore.
+/- Ruby almost left town, yeah! Boo for making Lavon miserable. So I think I’m stuck in the middle with this one. Still hope they have a nicer romantic interest in mind for Lavon.
– Aww poor Brick. I really liked him and Emily together and even Magnolia started to like her. Although it’s a big thing to ask to give up everything you have somewhere and move in with your boyfriend after what seems a couple of weeks. So I get Emily, but it’s still sad that they couldn’t work it out.
– NO! They can’t break up Zade now! It’s unfair. I like them even better than George + Zoe these days. I get Zoe’s initial reaction – being a little bit disappointing that George stopped fighting for her – because two guys liking you is just flattering for a petit girl like her, but letting Wade walking out was wrong! Also hate that Wade gave up so quickly. Now George is into Tansy he has nobody standing in his way! Zade has a great chemistry and the writers should explore their relationship further.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
OMG, it’s going to be a boy toy auction next week! Who remembers One Tree Hill‘s auction? Wasn’t it like one of the best episodes ever?! Super excited what the Hart of Dixie crew will make of it! Okay, taking a deep breath… and I’m back. This week’s episode needs a rating of course. Because of the giggle factor and nice storylines this week, I’m going with an 8.

What do you think of this week’s episode?


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