New Girl 2×09: Counting the eggs

New Girl 2x09: Eggs

New Girl 2×09: Eggs

This was the episode we were waiting for!

1. What just happened?!
Jess lesbian friends came by for diner. Turns out that they are preggers! But that’s not the only thing they mentioned. One of them (Sadie) is a gynecologist and tells Jess that by the time a woman hits 30 she loses about 90% of her eggs. But you can test how many childbearing years you have left. It freaks Jess out and she decides to take the test as quick as possible. Cece is still on the “please-God-I-hope-I’m-not-pregnant” phase, but she takes the test anyway because Jess asked her to do it together. When the results are in, it turns out that Jess is super healthy and loaded with eggs but Cece is almost running out of time. In the meantime Nick works on his Zombie novel (finally), Winston is on an adjusted schedule (because of his job) but also tries to help Nick focus on getting his life back together by finding his passion. Schmidt tries to satisfy his boss but finds out that he actually has to be in love to have great sex (which he totally had going with Cece).

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
There were multiple nice lines tonight. Here are a couple! Nick: “So he’s saying everything up to this point has been foreplay? Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. What are you gonna do for 20 minutes of foreplay? Boring! Yawn! Am I right, ladies?” The look on all the girl’s faces that he really doesn’t get it, was hilarious!

Schmidt with his head just around the door was priceless: “Lesbian baby. Congratulations, you guys.” The whole conversation between Schmidt and Sadie (and Jess saying Jar all the time) was hilarious too! Schmidt: “You are a gynecologist and a lesbian, which makes you… well, a va-genius.” and “Now, would I have to put my legs up in the stirrups? I’m asking more so out of curiosity than fear. #excitement.” He actually said hashtag! Schmidt talking about being in love with Cece was nice too. What followed was just typically guy logic: “Can’t believe I have to have feelings to have good sex. I was hoping I’d be dead before this happened.”

Jess screaming out of the window: “Fertilize me, Los Angeles!” and “Give my nipples a purpose!” plus her line: “Who’s gonna… lay a flag down on this sweet, sweet continent?” And talking to a rhino? Only Jess can do that: “I have a lot of eggs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of sausage. Yeah, I shouldn’t be complaining. I’ll be okay.” Sometimes it sucks to be single, indeed.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Nick’s storyline this season is not having a purpose in life, but this time he explored on of his options: writing a zombie novel. It sucked, but thankfully he did more than just being grumpy.
+ Winston helping Nick out finding his passion. It’s nice to see that Winston is so passionate about his job. Some people would think his job sucks, but he actually likes it and is not afraid to show that. It’s nice to see that you can actually be happy with a job and not always have to complain like the rest of the world does.
+ Schmidt’s boss left the building. The storyline was stupid and finally some of my prayers (about certain characters leaving a show) were answered. Plus her departure brought Schmidt to his senses about his former relationship with Cece!
+ That last scene with the four roomies on the bed was fun. I think those kind of scenes make New Girl work.
– Jess’s storyline misses a long story arc (which is actually interesting instead of over the top) in my opinion. These days it’s more bits and pieces with a new topic every week.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Nice lines (a lot of Jar ones!), moving forward on some storylines and getting it’s groove back. Well done, New Girl. This should be an 8.


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