Revenge 2×09: Righting wrongs

Revenge 2x09: Revelations

Revenge 2×09: Revelations

Okay, is it just me or was this winter finale a little bit disappointing?!

1. What just happened?!
Lets explain that first comment a little bit: I just expected Revenge to go with a bang, more precisely a sinking boat… but I guess the writers choose to do some more plotting and skip a “gasping for air” cliffhanger. Now back to what happened: Conrad and Victoria try to stop Daniel from taking over the company, because they don’t want him involved with the Initiative. Nolan loses his majority share in his company to Daniel, because of his vengeful ex-boyfriend. Daniel starts to have trouble trusting the people around him, when Ashley double-crosses him (and also has slept with his father, but I’m not sure he caught on to that) and because he is jealous of Aiden dating Emily. So Aiden and Emily lose their “in” at the Initiative. Baby Carl also gets christened and the Ryan brothers turn out to be very evil. In the end Victoria calls Emily for help with Danny boy.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
I think I have to go for the conversation of Emily and Aiden on the couch. In a way it was a bit sad, because she just had that conversation with Faux-manda about having the same as the Porter-Clarke family.
Emily: “Do you think it’s possible for people like us to ever be…”
Aiden: “Like everybody else?”
Emily: “I was gonna say ‘happy.'”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Victoria’s maternal instincts. I think she might have a tiny little heart somewhere in her chest.
+ The rich and their ridiculous outfits when they go “hunting”. It was kind of funny.
+ It was nice that there was some (family) bonding at the (Faux-)Clarke and Porter home/bar.
+ Ashley’s got what she had coming for awhile now (with the video). Curious how she will enter society again. Perhaps at the arm of Aiden after Emily is forced to date Daniel again?!
– The Ryan brothers story is starting to bore me. Revenge should focus on Emily avenging her father, not the rest of the meaningless crowd who tries to avenge their father and other relatives. I just want to say this, so it’s written down in black and white. But my best guess is that the Ryan brothers are going to sink the Amanda (the boat, not the person).
– Marco (Nolan’s former BF and CFO) is annoying me. Emily eats these kind of guys for lunch (same goes for Nolan these days), so I’m not worried Marco will find out about the identity switch.
– Most hilarious thing happening (I mean utterly bad development), was the Initiative putting a camera clock in Daniel’s rooms. OMG. They are the freaking Initiative that even got Victoria scared and they install a device from the nineties?! Shame on you.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Like a I said, the winter finale was disappointing. Revenge should be glad I’m giving them a 7. Just because Daniel was finally smart enough to kick all the shady characters out of his life. Although he is in love with one of the shadiest, but lets overlook that fact for now because that’s going to create all the fun in the upcoming episodes!

What are your thoughts on Revenge’s winter finale?


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