Go On 1×11: A little piece of heaven on earth

Go On 1x11: The World Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Go On 1×11: The World Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Another winter finale and this time we are celebrating Christmas and our final days on earth (according to the Mayas).

1. What just happened?!
It’s my first review of Go On, yay! (Chantal and I decided to mix it up a little. She will be writing New Girl from now on) First I want to say I never expected to fall in love with this show when I just started watching it. Actually Chantal told me it was a nice comedy and I should check it out! I really have to admit this is one of the best discoveries this fall season. Well that’s said, let’s talk about this week’s adventures of our favorite group of slightly disfunctional people.

It’s almost Christmas time and Mr. K mentions the end of the world, which is predicted by the Mayas. So the group decides to make it a Christmas/End of the world party. Anne has some trouble grieving, because she feels she must visit Patty’s grave every day. The groups assignment for this week: what would you do on your last day. Meanwhile Lauren talks to Ryan about a strange acting Wyatt. But his actions are totally obvious, he is going to propose! That’s Lauren’s cue to start freaking out (in her case giggle very freaky).

For his last day Ryan tries to experience a Jimmy Valvano day: which contains laughter, thinking and crying. So he decides to go to a wine country with Steven and his girlfriend like they did every year. He invites Anne along to help her with her mourning process. Yolanda and Sonia run into Wyatt when his ring shopping. Scared that Lauren would forget about their group they try to sabotage Wyatt’s proposal, but when he figures that out they actually help him. We also see a small flashback with Ryan and Janie talking about marriage, when Lauren has another episode about the upcoming proposal and calls Ryan about it. When Anne says Ryan gave the most awful advice to Lauren they rush back from the vineyard to stop Lauren from saying no. But everything turns out allright, because when they arrive Lauren has already said yes. So it’s time for the countdown… which means even more good news, because the snow machine starts working right at the moment that the world didn’t end, yay! Plus Ryan got his Jimmy V day, double cheers!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Sonia and Yolanda were fun this episode! Sonia: “Wanna earn a badge, man scout?” Plus Yolanda saying: How come you’re not more successful? and Sonia responding with: “Eh, everything’s just such a thing. Ugh.” Don’t we all have that feeling sometime? Mr. K was also very funny with that whole end of the world thing: “Oh, my God, we’re in heaven! We made it!”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I’m glad they didn’t make Lauren a sort of superwoman who knows how to act at all times. These doubts about marriage makes her more human.
+ Did everyone notice Lauren’s cheering in their “last” seconds, Mr. K freaking out because he was going to die and Ryan just watching all the nonsense with a judgemental face? It totally fitted the characters and Mr. K even changed into a suit instead of his famous sweaters for his final minutes. I actually always thought he was just super weird, but I’m started to like his character.
+ Nice they referred to the miscalculation of the Mayan calender at the end of the episode. Plus Ryan turning the lights off was funny. These tiny bits at the end always are actually.
+ Anne and Ryan’s conversations. I think they are an interesting duo. It really helps to make the Anne character more likeable.
– I think Wyatt is a bit weird and I mean not in a good way. Maybe I just had a tiny little bit of hope that Lauren and Ryan might end up together. But whatever, we haven’t seen Lauren walking down an aisle just yet!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
A really nice mid season wrap up! More characters get the chance to be funny (besides Ryan King I mean), so let’s give it an 8.


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