Gossip Girl 6×08: Thanksgiving with a side of drama (and pie)

Gossip Girl 6x08: It's Really Complicated

Gossip Girl 6×08: It’s Really Complicated

Don’t forget you are dealing with the non judging breakfast club, Lonely Boy!

1. What just happened?!
This is the first time I feel a little bit sad the show is almost done! Blair tries not to meddle this Thanksgiving, but when she is invited to Dan’s and Serena’s first Thanksgiving’s dinner she must save her BFF from making a huge mistake. In the meantime Dan is not sure which Serena chapter he should post (the I’m in love with you OR you are a completely self-centered socialite). Blair tries to save Chuck from his downwards spiral after Nate discovered that there has been another strange death at Bass Industries. She succeeds in a Pocahontas outfit. While grocery shopping Serena bumps in to Steven and Sage (which was a total set-up by Sage and Blair) and of course Serena invites them to dinner. In the end they are all together at the dinner table (even Bart and Chuck are in the same room!) and Dan’s chapter about Serena is released. Georgina is very grateful it wasn’t the one he was writing since ninth grade. S+D break up, Blair and Serena’s friendship is stronger than ever, Lily chooses Chuck’s side (but leaves the City for her own safety), the non judging breakfast club finally sees Dan as an equal, Steven leaves the scene and Serena, Sage and Nate are back together, Nate is still Bart’s puppet and Blair and Chuck combine forces to takedown Bart once and for all.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Some excellent dialog again, this week. Blair: “She is getting domestic with that wool-haired whiner. Four major holidays stand between thanksgiving and Serena being a June bride.” Also liked the bonding of Serena and Blair after the Serena chapter came out, B: “For the first time ever, I’m sorry I was. Well, 90% sorry. 10% of me is glad I was right.” Maybe a lot of people hate Dan for writing the Serena chapter, but I think he might have had a point about the behavior of their friends: “What I did is no worse than what all your friends do to each other every day. You try to ruin each other, and then you sit down for Thanksgiving and you… call yourselves family.” [S: You were supposed to be different.] “I used to be. Got me nowhere. So now I’m the same.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Thanksgiving! A bump in at the grocery store (yes it’s the only time of the year we see our UES-ers shopping for their own meal) and a big family dinner are the ingredients for an awesome Thanksgiving episode.
+ Blair’s outfit this episode was gorgeous! Of course I mean the grey (jump)suit, not the Pocahontas outfit.
+ Georgina threatening the assistent and insulting her toddler at the same time was fun to watch. G can be super snarky.
+ The Battle of the Basses: Lily is finally on Chuck’s side. The only sad thing she is so scared of her husband that she had to run of to a resort. But I’m glad: Chuck is finally working together with other people and hopefully he will defeat him soon! The only thing he has to do is stay away from Bart’s puppet Nate.
+/- Nate still helping Bart, ugh. Although I liked that he hit Dan after hurting all their friends. Their bromance was great and Dan really let him down. Plus in that particular scene Nate looked a lot like the Nate who once attended St. Jude’s (which totally was the best version of Nate).
+/- Dan was right in the Serena chapter (Serena immediately running to Steven, proves it!), but I’m a bit worried about the plan that’s working for him. Is it to take down Bart and bring back Rufus and Lily together? Or is he more selfish than we thought. (PS: glad that Rufus is back as the moral compass!)
– Steven was such an ass. Ugh, I’m glad he and Serena are through. Hopefully he is never going to pick up his phone…

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was another decent episode of Gossip Girl, more than decent! Seems that the writers still have the right recipe laying around for a nice GG Thanksgiving episode. Let’s make this an 8! P.S. OMG there are only two episodes left. The final chapter has begun!

Are you going to miss the GG Thanksgiving?


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