The Vampire Diaries 4×08: You can change your actions, but not your feelings

The Vampire Diaries 4x08: We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

The Vampire Diaries 4×08: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

The Salvatore brothers in uniforms alert! This time we are going back to World War II.

1. What just happened?!
In the final seconds of last week’s episode we found out that Elena is sired to Damon. This week we see them waking up the next day, being very in love and happy. We never saw these characters this happy! But the real world is always waiting… in their case Stefan. He tries to prove to his brother that Elena is sired and that they need to work on a solution. Luckily Damon remembers a similar case from the early 1940’s. In a flashback we see the brothers reunite with the help of Lexi right before Stefan goes to war. So Damon and Stefan decide to travel to Bourbon Street in New Orleans to find a cure. They find out that the last witch fooled Damon, to get better at practicing magic (expression to be precise – which is a form of magic that Bonnie is learning from professor Shady these days). In the meantime Elena, Bonnie and Caroline have a girls night at the Salvatore mansion (say bye to the Dom, guys!) but it’s crashed by Tyler’s hybrid buddies who kidnap Caroline. Tyler comes to her rescue and claims his place as leader of the pack. We see our favorite love triangle figuring out around the same time that Elena already had feelings for Damon when she was human. Poor Stefan. The only way to stop it is to set her free and leave her behind forever. Ouch. Can Damon ever do something that isn’t selfish? Well about that, Stefan: he did, when he send you off to war (the second World War) on your own. But can Damon deny Elena’s puppy eyes when she talks about how right they feel together?! Oh oh, to be continued next week!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Tyler saved Delena’s shippers day and suddenly became a more likeable character this episode, when he said this: “Being sired doesn’t mean you feel differently about someone. I hated Klaus, but I still did everything he said. The bond affects how you act, not how you feel.” (Nice loophole, writers!) Although Damon’s line was nice too: “Well, I’m assuming it starts with, ‘what are we?’ And then ends with going to tell Stefan.” And let’s not forget his conversation with Stefan: “Oh, what about you, o selfless one? Are you doing what’s best for Elena or what’s best for you? Because it looks to me like the only reason you want to break Elena’s sire bond is to restore her original factory team Stefan settings.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Another appearance of Lexi (played by Arielle Kebbel)! She is such a kickass vampire, I think the writers made Caroline the new Lexi after the character was killed. But I’m glad they are bringing her back in flashbacks, Arielle Kebbel totally deserves her spot on the show. Plus I really like her Rehash feature of TVD’s previous episode online.
+ Brother bonding! It’s always nice to see the Salvatores have proper screentime together, without anyone interfering.
+ Stelena fans have to admit it: Elena never looked happier in the beginning of the episode. Thank you writers for this nice Delena moment.
+ Wow, did Tyler just became the leader of the pack?! It’s nice to see him change from the school’s punk into a true leader. He only needs a better Consigliere.
+/- Bonnie filming girls night. I wonder if the making of this video was just really bad product placement or something that is going to stir up a lot of trouble in the future (even when it seemed innocent at first)? For instance when the shady professor steals Bonnie’s phone… For now I’m going with the former, because of the ridiculous product placement in tv shows as Revenge and Elementary earlier this week (and let’s hope the latter won’t happen).
– Hayley only tries to find her parents apparently. But she is very clear about keeping Tyler out of harms way (translation: she definitely has a thing for him). Sorry Hayley, your character just scored extra points on the most annoying character scale. I really like Phoebe Tonkin (and her portrait of Faye on The Secret Circle), but I hopes her character leaves the set soon.
– Why did nobody ask Caroline about her date with Klaus? Hello, that’s some major stuff! She is being there for everyone, but nobody is there for her. Elena and Bonnie need to look after Caroline more.
– Poor Caroline getting kidnapped because she is Tyler’s girlfriend and Klaus’s sweetheart. The girl can’t catch a break. Luckily Elena shouted something about being valuable to Klaus.

Major thought about a plot development. It took me only two days to figure it out:
Bonnie is doing expression these days and the witch Damon knew also did expression. This witch only needed 12 humans to become stronger and professor shady – I mean Shane – needs 12 unsired hybrids for his not yet revealed plan… Do you see the matching pattern (the number of people/hybrids)?! What the hell is going to happen when Bonnie – a Bennett witch – gets her hands on 12 unsired hybrids?!

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was a nice episode, but the flashbacks weren’t as exciting as the ones about the original Five earlier this season. Plus the episode didn’t contain a lot of major story developments, because we were still cleaning up the mess from last week’s revelation. To put it nicely, I have seen more spectaculair episodes of TVD: 7,5/8. Sorry viewers, let’s blame it on the Klaus withdrawal this week!

What are your thoughts on the 12 humans and hybrids + expression theory?


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