Hart of Dixie 2×09: Boys and baskets

Hart of Dixie 2x09: Sparks Fly

Hart of Dixie 2×09: Sparks Fly

Also known as the most unexpected (and in Zade’s case worst) date ever!

1. What just happened?!
Sorry readers for the delay, I’ve been caught up in work etc. Plus it’s hard to write a review about the dark days of Zade’s relationship uhmm whatever they were doing… Okay, it isn’t as big as One Tree Hill’s Haley leaving her husband Nathan to go on tour with Chris Keller in season 2, but it comes close.

Back to the episode: It’s time for a big bachelor basket auction in Bluebell! It basically means that the couples who are already together give some money to charity and have a nice date afterwards. But it wouldn’t be Bluebell if something didn’t go wrong during the bidding! For instance George tries to tell Tansy before the auction that he only wants to go out on a date with her. Lemon convinces her father to participate in the auction, but he ends up with George’s ex-girlfriend with the shopping and app addiction. Lemon’s boring beau comes to town and says truffles are the magic ingredient in his basket. Turns out that Lavon bought them too, but Ruby forgot to check the basket at home. Misreading boring beau’s signs Lemon bids on the wrong basket and wins a date with Lavon.

In the meantime Zoe has trouble deciding if she should bid on Wade’s basket, after Wade asked her to go on a serious date for once. Zoe doesn’t believe in total opposite characters being together and loses Wade to Magnolia for a second. After bribing Magnolia Zade get to go on their date after all. Only Zoe screws it up by bring a facts book along to the picnic (plus Wade put the most awful basket together with crackers and wine without bring a corkscrew). The also see George and Tansy running by to steal back Tansy’s dog Dolly Parton. Which is Zade cue to start fighting, and Wade finally speaks up about being a placeholder until George comes along to sweep Zoe of her feet. Lavon had quite the romantic picnic planned, including violins and we see Lemon realize that they are just friends and Lavon is really in love with Ruby. So at the end of the date Lemon decides to go back to eat truffels with her boring beau. To confuse Zoe even more, she has to fix George’s arm with a few stitches (after he broke a car window to get Tansy’s dog back) and sees George and Tansy share their first kiss. Ruby and Lavon share their I love you’s and Brick’s date seems to go quite well. In the end we see our favorite couple Zade staring at each other from their own porch instead of making up already!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Lemon being bitchy right after she sees the romantic picnic Lavon had planned for Ruby: “What is she, like, the queen of the fairies or something?” But the winner is George’s wisdom on life and relationships: “Maybe that’s it; maybe life’s not a picture. Maybe it’s a movie. And I, for one, am curious to see how this one ends.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ The unexpected matching during the auction was fun! Bidding on stuff make people do crazy things. Plus I liked how Zoe bribed Magnolia with a Taylor Swift concert.
+ Tansy and George are fun together! She brings out a nice side of him. And he is obviously very into her (spilling his coffee and everything).
+ Nice reference to a gymnastic team, after having a cameo by one of the Olympians a few weeks ago!
+ “Doctor Hart are you asking me out?” by Brick and Zoe’s expression afterwards was a real LOL moment!
+ Glad Lemon and Lavon got their date, but I’m a bit sad that we will not see this couple happening soon. I always thought they had great potential after seeing the flashbacks in season one. I think they (and the viewers) actually deserve to see that relationship play out instead of only looking at the possibility of it and longing for it to happen (from Lemon or Lavon’s point of view).
– Well if it hasn’t been obvious: I hereby want to demand that the writers bring Zade back together in the upcoming Christmas episode! For reallz this time by the way! Those longing looks at the end of the episode were just heartbreaking.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was a nice episode, but the Zade’s thing is really bugging me and last week’s episode had more LOL moments in it: 7,5/8

What are your thoughts on Zade’s time apart?


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