New Girl 2×10: New and lost love

New Girl 2x10: Bathtub

New Girl 2×10: Bathtub

Switch up at All That Cubeness! I will be writing the New Girl reviews from now on, Marjola will type away about Go On. Who needs a bathtub with fresh air like that?

1. What just happened?!
Jess has her mind set on a bathtub. She even made a grade school presentation for it. Unfortunately her roomies vote an unanimous no, cause psssh tubs are not a guy thing. Right? Right?! Nopes. Secretly Winston has some Latvian bathtub experiences (I see visuals now, thanks Winston) so he decides to help Jess find a bathtub. Also in secret. Quickly they find one, they test one, but the test fails. Big time. Tons of water is poured over Schmidt’s very expensive suit collection. Oh no, what to do?! Fake a meth head robbery maybe?

Nick has a crush on Thirsty, a girl across the bar to whom he gave the imaginary name Thirsty. He wants to make a move, but doesn’t want to break the first rule of bartending (to never cross the bar). Tough decision bro. In the blur of the moment he decides to go for it and so he talks to Angie, which is her real name by the way. She appears to be a stripper girl with a very forcible ex-boyfriend. It seems she has met her potential new boyfriend as well. (Oy, I wish Nick would stick to his rules.)

Schmidt is up for a promotion at work, involving a vodka campaign. When Cece breaks up with Robbie, Schmidt realizes he’s in love with her and is in for a serious relationship. But what will happen when Schmidt has to choose between work and love? Don’t let us down Schmidt-y!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Jess: “When you don’t smile for our pictures you get replaced.”
Nick: “You’re a whiskey girl like me.”
Jess and Winston: “That’s a jar. Jar for sure.” Schmidt: “Look at this, took my suits, left the douche bag jar. Typical meth head!” Jess and Winston: “Typical…Yeah..”
Schmidt: “No, yeah, but nothing happened. She just wanted me to taste the V. That came out wrong.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Only Schmidt has a well-executed brochure of his suits. Only Schmidt fails miserably at acting cool when Cece tells about her break-up with Robbie. Only Schmidt practices convo’s with his boo in front of the mirror. Only Schmidt is that awesome.
+ Am I the only one who thought that the sort-of-hug moment between Schmidt and Nick was hilarious and adorable at the same time?
– Jess and Winston’s story line was funny till the point where they started sharing their weird things. That is where they took it a little too far for me. It started taking too long and I kind of lost interest.
– I don’t like Nick’s new love interest. No offense Olivia, you played your role fine. But us Nick and Jess fans don’t like it when a stripper girlfriend shoves away any chance at our want-to-see couple. But hey, at least Nick’s finally got something to do again.
– Noooooooo Schmidt, you did let us down! Why’d you ruin it??

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Let’s point out that pretty all my minuses above are content related and have nothing to do with writing, directing, et cetera. That being said, I did like the episode. An 7,5/8.


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