15 things we will never forget about Gossip Girl

Chuck, Dan, Nate, Blair and Serena  (picture via

Chuck, Dan, Nate, Blair and Serena
(picture via

Before the series finale of Gossip Girl airs, let’s reminisce one more time about the good stuff that this tv show brought to our living rooms for six years. Here is a list of 15 things we will never forget about Gossip Girl:

01. Hot limo hook-ups! Victor, Victrola (1×07) was probably one of the best episodes of Gossip Girl ever.
02. The N.Y. Magazine Reality Index. It was always fun to read the Reality Index after the episode aired and see how ridiculous some plot developments were. Mostly because the Gossip Girl writers didn’t mind a plot hole or two.
03. The sexy ad campaigns that freaked out every overprotective parent on the planet. (OMG!)
04. Dating your best friend’s ex isn’t a problem. In Nate’s case the same goes for dating the younger sister of your best friend who is currently providing a roof over your head or your ex-girlfriend’s future stepdaughter or stepmom (one of the many cougars he dated). The boy couldn’t help it that his man-bangs were so irresistible.
05. Kristen Bell saying: “You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl”. Because we have, we do and we’ll always will. On a less dramatic note: the famous blogger had a nice hate-love relationship going with the characters. You might even have a little doubt if it’s the right move to reveal this mastermind in the last episode… We just really hope it’s not going to be a letdown.
06. Ed Westwick’s performance (Chuck) at the first – and apparently fake – funeral of Bart Bass (2×13 O Brother, Where Bart Thou?). It broke our hearts. He totally deserved an Emmy nomination for it! (Which he of course didn’t get because he is on a CW show.) Plus Chuck’s wardrobe: his signature scarf, impeccable suits, bow ties and who remembers his over the top basketball outfit from season one? Classic Chuck Bass.
07. The core characters teaming up to take down a common enemy. To name a few: Georgina Sparks, Juliet Sharp and Bart Bass.
08. Serena’s sparkly outfits which complimented her figure. Yes, of course we are talking about her cleavage. That was the only reason why your boyfriend could sit through all those episodes you forced him to watch.
09. Blair and Serena’s cat fight at Yale. It was just epic!
10. Headbands! Plus minions, the Met steps and a talent for scheming… Sigh, we are going to miss the reign of Queen B.
11. Rooftops are the place were all the good stuff happens and a Masquerade ball means drama in the romance department! Remember The Handmaiden’s Tale (1×06)?
12. Dorota! Her maid outfits often matched the theme of the party which was funny, but we will miss her accent and way of talking about the core characters the most (Miss Serena, Miss Blair, Mr. Chuck, Mr. Lonely Boy etc.).
13. The O.C. had bagels, but Gossip Girl had Rufus Humprey’s waffles! Including the occasional wisdom from Brooklyn’s moral compass, former rockstar and art gallery owner.
14. If you are Blair Waldorf, your dreams will always take place in the setting of a classic movie. Preferably one with Audrey Hepburn as leading lady.
15. The love of a lifetime: Chuck and Blair. If you were a fan of the books, you probably never saw Chair happening (and you might even disliked this couple at first). But in the show they even beat Derena with their longing looks, heartbreak and make-up scenes. Luckily we will finally get to hear those three words and eight letters in the final episode again.

Like Cyrus would say: “Not enough!” But all good things come to an end… We mean this list, because to be honest somewhere along the way the show lost it’s awesomeness from the first few seasons. But we will miss it anyway! You can leave your favorite Gossip Girl memories in the comments below. Enjoy the upcoming series finale and don’t forget to let us know who you suspect of being Gossip Girl in our “Who is Gossip Girl?” poll!

PS: Still can’t believe there won’t be anymore new Gossip Girl episodes? Don’t worry, you can always rewatch the complete series on DVD.


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