Glee 4×08: Oppa Glee-nam style!

Glee 4x08: Thanksgiving

Glee 4×08: Thanksgiving

It’s the gleecap catch-up super edition, part numero uno!! (That’s just me covering up being awfully behind on the glee reviews with a super awesome name for them)

1. What happened?!
They kept their promise! Home for the holidays! Well, most of them did anyway. Quinn, Puck, Santana, Mike, Mercedes and Finn celebrate Thanksgiving at McKinley High with singing and visiting Breadsticks. Basically it’s like they never left.
But not only are they here for festivities. When a handful of Glee champions fly in, there’s bound to be some mentoring happening. Not a bad thing, with sectionals this week.

The two missing links in the graduate reunion, decide to stay in New York. Don’t look back so much; start living their dreams in the big city. Rachel and Kurt (you knew who I was talking about!) organize an orphan dinner in their loft, which quickly turns into a kiki with lots of New York friends. Kurt does make a call to Ohio though.

Speaking of Ohio. It’s sectionals and lots of stuff is happening prior and during performance. Let’s sum it up, shall we: Kitty totally fangirls over Quinn. Thanks to Kitty, Quinn suspects Jake to be Puck 2.0. Jake though, honestly cares for Marley. Marley is still having an eating disorder. Santana is onto Kitty influencing Marley. Santana and Quinn have a fight because of that (face slaps included). Ryder and Jake are bros now and give each other a dance solo back and forth. Wade decides to be Unique again. The Warblers do their slick renditions of Flo Rida and One Direction. New Direction goes out with a Gangnam Style bang. A bang on the floor.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Sam, on who should do the male dance solo: “Um hello, white chocolate. *doing his stripper dance move*
– Brody: “Do you mind if I bring Cassie?”
– Rachel: “You guys this is so great.” Kurt: “Yeah, it’s like our own big chill.” Brody: “Yeah but no-one breaks out in a song.” Rachel: “What?!”
– Santana: “Quinn always was a genius slapper.”
– Artie, ending the prayer: “…and our righteous dance moves, amen!”
– Sue, after Mr. Shue’s arrival: “America is thrilled.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ As simple as the opening scene was, it was touching to see (and hear) the oldies all back together. Right after being in shock about Mike singing, I realized that it’s weird how the old cast seems so much more mature already. It’s not THAT long ago that we had to say goodbye to our Glee graduates, right?! Wardrobe sure does a lot apparently.
+ The Come See About Me scene. Hurray for the unholy trinity performing together again. Loved the soulful song, the harmonies and the choreography was quite adorbs.
+ Sarah Jessica Parker having a kiki. It’s nice that Glee’s experiencing new styles since the New York bit was added. Experimenting with different, sometimes darker, raunchier music and dances… me likey! This scene too was very different from the Glee-usual, and it was awesome. I liked what they did with the camera work. Spinning around and using quick shots. Great choreography too, but I learned from some profound Google investigation that it already existed. Ah, no biggies, why change something that’s good?
+ Glee doing Gangnam Style. It’s like the ultimate guilty pleasure! I couldn’t help but laugh.

Also, can someone please stop Blaine from getting emotional? This is bad for my heart.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
It was a great episode with some great moments in it. Now, two weeks later, I still YouTube search some of them. At some point though, the episode took a little long for me. Maybe because there was so much happening, it turned into too much? A case of minor Glee overload? Still: 7,5/8

What did you think of this episode?


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