Hart of Dixie 2×10: Santa Claus is coming to town

Hart of Dixie 2x10: Blue Christmas

Hart of Dixie 2×10: Blue Christmas

This episode made me think of a certain Beatles song!

1. What just happened?!
Santa Claus isn’t the only person who visits Bluebell this week. Zoe’s judgmental mom is going to spend some time there as well. Which means that Zoe is stressed out, because her life isn’t as great as she wants it to be. Things with Wade are still a disaster for instance.

In the meantime she tries to help out Lavon with the Ruby situation. It’s Lavon’s and Ruby’s last week together in Bluebell and he wants her to have the best time ever (so that she will come live there in a year and Lavon doesn’t have to move to Dallas). The cherry on top of his plan is to propose at the Christmas tree lighting! (Wow, he’s moving quick!) He even asks Lemon to be nice to Ruby. Lemon tries really hard, but when Ruby claims to be Lavon’s only love Lemon spills the beans about dating Lavon in the past. Ruby isn’t happy that Lavon used to date the person she hates the most in town. So when Lavon proposes she declines and decides to end the relationship, because she will never be able to live in Bluebell (and Lavon will never be able to live in Dallas). Poor Lavon! He runs over to Lemon and blames her for making his life miserable. Poor Lemon who is trying to deal with celebrating Christmas all by herself. Her ex George is having a nice time with Tansy, after everyone thought he was going to propose to her – which kind of freaked Tansy out.

Lavon’s mission is not the only thing Zoe has to deal with. She wrote a note for the guy who plays Santa and there isn’t another Santa in town. Oh, oh is Christmas cancelled?! Zoe tries everything to fix it and comes up with a brilliant plan after she talked to Dash. Crazy Earl should play Santa, like he did 25 years ago. Wade isn’t pleased at all, his dad isn’t the town drunk for nothing… It seems that Earl ruined Christmas back then, because his wife just passed away after she lost her battle against cancer. Earl is extremely nervous to face the crowd sober again, but with the help of Wade he conquers his fears. Because of this Zoe sees Wade in a whole different light, again. When her mom confronts Zoe with all the lies she told her, Zoe confesses that her romantic life has been a mess and she isn’t sure if she should pursue a relationship with Wade (who’s so completely different). Her mother tells her to take a risk, because she did that a long time ago and she got a beautiful daughter. Zoe decides to give it a try. She goes over to Wade and apologizes for her behavior and hopes he wants to give it another try. Wade is awfully quiet, but then kisses Zoe out of the blue. Yay, they really going to give it a try!

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
I really liked Zoe’s little outbursts this episode, like “Kill me” and “Smiles on”. Plus when Earl talks about he and Zoe’s mom being in-laws, Zoe says: “Okay, he is drunk. Don’t listen to him. Why don’t you practice your ho-ho-ho-ing?” and a little later: “I saved Christmas. Your dad is going to be Santa.” Like it’s the best idea in the world, haha.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Rachel Bilson’s outfits were great! The first combo with the red jacket and sunglasses were awesome and of course she is still able to wear shorts (with a leather look) in the winter. Rachel’s Santa’s outfit was just adorable. I had a hard time choosing which look should be featured in the photo of this week’s review.
+ Also points for Wade’s “I Love My Alabama girl” t-shirt which he got from Zoe (who got it as an ironic joke from her mom). And did Wanda and Tom wear matching sweaters?!
+ Lavon calling Zoe “Big Z”. It just made me smile, because Rachel Bilson is so tiny next to Cress Williams.
+ It’s nice that they finally explained the reason why Earl is Crazy Earl. By the way: is it just me or has everyone in Bluebell just one parent left (the other one is deceased, abandoned their family and so on)?
+ The storyline of George and Tansy was cute. The whole mix up was a typical Bluebell thing and walking in on Brick and Shelby was funny. Glad to see them go through the usual relationship obstacles. P.S.: Good luck in therapy, George.
+ Thank you writers for fulfilling my wish from last week! Zade is so cute together. Crazy Earl is right: they might not seem a couple, but they are totally in love!
– Does Ruby really thinks that a thirty-something guy – who was a famous football player – never had a (serious) relationship after high school?! That is just ridiculous. I’m glad she is gone and Lavon and Ruby are done!
– I get that in the moment Lavon is mad at Lemon for telling Ruby about their past, but I hope he isn’t going to blame her forever. Lemon doesn’t deserve that. Ruby was clearly being a snob and trying to let Lemon say something evil, so she could blame Lemon again of her bound-to-fail relationship.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
A very sweet Hart of Dixie episode again: 8. Let’s hope that Zoe and Wade are really going to make it work in the second part of the season.


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