3 of our favorite Christmas movies ever

Our favorite Christmas movies: The Holiday, Sissi and Love Actually

Our favorite Christmas movies: The Holiday, Sissi and Love Actually

It’s that time of the year again with a lot of holiday cheer, but without a lot of good shows on your television. That’s why we listed our three favorite Christmas movies for you.

The Holiday
Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) who lives in the UK and Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) who lives in the States aren’t happy with their lives. That’s why decided to trade homes for the holidays. Of course they run into a nice romantic interest too (Jude Law and Jack Black). You would think it’s your usual romcom, but I think it’s one of the better ones. It’s got a lot of heart and you just have to sing along when Cameron Diaz jumps around singing Mr. Brightside of the Killers. The Holiday has the perfect cozy holiday feeling you want to achieve during Christmas.

This isn’t a Christmas movie in particular, but the Dutch television station always broadcasts this German movie during Christmas. So it’s a tradition for me to watch these movies this time of year. It’s the story of a young princess Sissi who accompanies her mother and older sister Nene to Ischl, where her sister and emperor-to-be Franz Joseph are getting engaged. But when Franz Joseph meets Sissi outside the palace he falls in love with her free-spirited character immediately. When he finds out that she is royal too he ask her to marry him and leave her old life behind to become the empress of Austria. Romy Schneider as Sissi looks absolutely gorgeous in this movie (her hair and dresses are stunning)! The character Major Böckl adds a lot of humor to the story, which is a good thing because Sissi’s life wasn’t always that glamorous and fantastic (because of her awful mother-in-law). If you wanted to be a princess when you were younger, this is a must see.

Love Actually
After an American and a German movie we had to add a British one: Love Actually. It combines the stories of eight couples in London during a very chaotic December which leads up to the celebration of Christmas. This movie is just super funny! Imagine Hugh Grant playing the prime minister, who falls for his secretary and says funny things to the portrait of Margaret Thatcher. He isn’t the only one megastar in the cast. Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman (HP’s Snape) and Colin Firth also star. Love Actually is the biggest feel good movie in the bunch.

Christmas movies which are also worth watching are The Grinch (with a tiny Taylor Momsen), Surviving Christmas (with Christina Applegate and Ben Affleck), A Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Scrooged, The Muppet Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life.


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