Go On 1×12: “Hey Ryan” is my jam

Go On 1x12: Win at All Costas

Go On 1×12: Win at All Costas

Our favorite group has some growing up to do!

1. What just happened?!
Bob Costas called Ryan! Yes, the first few minutes were about this particular event, but they did it in a fun way. Carrie and Ryan repeating the whole message was funny, but autotuning the voicemail into a song was the cherry on top! Because they were discussing work in group we finally found out what Mr. K does for a living. He’s a aerospace engineer. Who would have thought, right?! But he needs the find a new purpose in life, because his work did “Dvvvft. Dvvvft.”. He focuses on replacing Janie for Ryan, after Ryan found out Bob Costas wants him on his television show. Ryan doesn’t have good memories when it comes to television. Something about blacking out on a live show. Plus Fausta invites the whole group – except Anne – to her niece’s quinceañera. Anne is not happy about that.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Sonia’s note for Fausta (about Anne): “You are wet blanket, bummer, buzz kill, bit-cah?” Just the way how she pronounced bitch. The note didn’t sound mean anymore.

Anne: “Widow coming through. Yeah, that’s right. Life ain’t all Justin Bieber and second base.” Thank you for the Justin Bieber dig.

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Anne. I don’t get why the group is hating on Anne. She might be bitter sometimes, but she has had the most interesting storylines so far (plus an interesting backstory). Okay, I know that doesn’t count in the group, but I think fans probably feel the same. She had nice moments with Ryan too (although I’m glad we will never get that “will they or won’t they” plot between them, because that would ruin it). In other words: Anne is more than just a bitch.
+ Ryan King in freak-out mode was fun! Extra points for Steven narrating it and Carrie’s surprised faces.
+ Owen’s prank was great. Come on Danny, you are going to a quinceañera not a bullfight!
+ Fausta and Anne making up and understanding each other was so sweet. It was a nice breakthrough for the group.
– Why was that awful intro back? I like the one with the telly much better. This thing is basically filling precious screentime.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Go On had plenty LOL moments this week, but was also touching in the end. 7/7,5


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